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OK I just have to cross post this cause it's so good: (feat. my girlfriend clara)


raise your hand if you wanna hear me gush about my girlfriend

if you look closely you'll notice that Jared has guessed the actual retail price of the item is "dollars"

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Me when I ask anyone who follows me here if they're happy that I exist on here again

Illness mention 

In other news I'm sick and not at work today and for some reason even though I'm throwing up and got a bad headache I'm craving a subway sandwich why does my body do this

like I really want a BMT right now

knocking my gender off the table, like a cat

Hi it's been like 3 months or something

I have a girlfriend now oops

that's about all that's changed in my life, see y'all in another 3 months

also hi I slept 15 hours yesterday after not sleeping for 38 hours how are you

I am no longer sleep deprived and I now am very sure this is not

it is

so anyways i was thinking I'd get two coffees today to power me through work

thinking something like 5 makes more sense now

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