the idiom economy is in dire straits. an ounce of prevention is currently worth only a couple ounces of cure. a bird in the hand is actually worth less than one in the bush. it's mayhem

build your perfect man

$200 - caring
$100 - good hygiene
$300 - there for you always
$8 - he's waluigi

you have eight dollars

pol vaguely


In the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Whispering Woods is called "デクの山" (Deku Mountain) and Ol' Grandsappy is called "デクじい" (Grandfather Deku). This is a reference to the similarly elderly and mustachioed Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda series.

According to Donkey Kong 64 creative director George Andreas, Shigeru Miyamoto personally designed Donkey Kong's coconut gun (bottom right) after being shocked at the pre-release version's realistic gun design (top right).

Or am I just setting myself up for the usual insults? I know I know, I'm such a stuck-up puritan square for having better things to do than poison myself every night and regret it in the morning. /s

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Anyone here who doesn't drink alcohol? And I mean like completely teetotal, not a drop.

Y'all complain about so many arbitrary limitations the games place on you, so many little things that restrict you for no reason... and yet you say the games give you freedom? Y'all stress over them so much and yet call them relaxing?

And for what? This sense of freedom and relaxation seems to be an illusion... so what IS keeping you playing? At what point are y'all just playing the games because you feel obligated to, and nothing else?

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The more I hear Animal Crossing fans talk about the games, the less fun they sound.

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