Do not claim something only rich people can afford can be sustainable.

The next world war will be the Paleos vs. the Vegans.

"Crypto": MLMs, but for antisocial men

Just a little fun fact: chances are grammatical gender in Proto-Indo-European was a very late development (Hittite has no traces of a m/f/n system). So someone made this after the fact, and hopefully wouldn't be aware of the immense suffering those words could bring.

lewd? maybe tw 

So we have "romance" and "love" to describe wanting to be emotionally close with someone.
And we have "sexuality" and "lust" to describe wanting to be physically close to someone.
What about the more long-term desire to have biological children that a lot of people have? Because it exists, and it's not lust, and if we don't give it a word, people will confuse it for something else and leave partners with no clear explanation because they don't even understand themselves

I'm awake because I'm left waiting for a day that will never come

I deem thee the "stuplex numbers"

x 1 g h i j k

1 1 g h i j k
g g h 1 j k i
h h 1 g k i j
i i j k -1 -g -h
j j k i -g -h -1
k k i j -h -1 -g

I'll never understand how some people are so calm.

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I "loved" you like a Terms of Service
So abstract but pretending to be clear

I think you can have terrible thoughts, and as long as you act good, you become a good person

I think these things because I have to

Vent about someone not even on here 

On one hand, you say you want the truth no matter what.
On the other hand, if I say what I'm thinking, bam, instant sadness
Make up your mind

This must have been said before, but something is very strange about only capitalizing the pronoun "I" (and pronouns for gods).

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I'll always be a "systemizer" in my thinking, and that means if a whole bunch of people are sad, I'll wonder why.

I refuse to go bald. Hair, meet the gray market

Who again thought it was a good idea to make healthcare for-profit? Termites?

I don't want to be a genetic afterthought.

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