i really want a bot that just skims bad porn comics and crops out random text bubbles, then posts them without context

not posting links to any of these because they're actually bad

@kat like normal bad

or what the fuck is wrong with you people bad

@kat thank the you for virginity I taking

don’t dead open inside

@kat Sometimes I feel the hentai (a lot of other media/niches, eg American superhero comics) are essentially like medieval people trying to draw lions but noone had ever seen one and so they all copied each other that's how we ended up with these weird "lions" in a lot of emblems/flags etc. I think this is how tropes are born and it's not always a bad thing* but it is kinda weird (like being able to tell something is Yaoi only because all the hands are super big).

@kat *But I think it often is a huge part of the most problematic things of a given genre. If the people in it only copy each other and don't get inspiration from outside you end up in endless feedback loops.

Welp, sorry, for my weird ramblings ^__^

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