how do you go through life without having a single fursona

genuine question to not fursona havers

everyone’s like “because I have several” which is cool but I was wondering about ppl who just are fine with having zero and aren’t some flavor of kin or anything

@kat I don't have a fursona despite being a furry! Character Fursonas kinda freak me out actually. I'm just me. :3

@kat I'm honestly not 100% sure. I think it's something to do with the fact that in some instances it sounds an /awful lot/ like a plural thing and so I'm /always/ second-third-fourth-guessing over whether someone's unknowingly suppressing people.

@IceWolf i feel like it’s just kinda like how superman sometimes wears a bad suit and pretends he’s a different guy who majored in journalism

@kat It's like, "oh here's [person], they like XYZ, they're not me!" is _indistinguishable_ between their headmate or their fursona.

And "oh they're just a part of me!" ties into triggers.

@kat Saying that other people /aren't actually themselves/ and are just Another Part of the speaking person is what's triggery.

@IceWolf i don’t really think a fursona is a separate person from me though, even if I give them a backstory

@kat Oh totally! I just can't tell that looking at people from the outside. :3

@IceWolf oof, that kinda turns like... all fiction media into a trigger, doesn’t it?

@kat Nope, not really, 'cause the fictional characters are /their own thing/ and not supposed to be Just Part Of The Author.

@IceWolf tbh I know a lot of people with fursonas that are “it’s just a character that I like dressing as” and a lot of authors like “every character is an aspect of me,” where do you like... draw the line on that

@kat Yeah... honestly I think all those would be iffy, although "it's just a character that I like dressing as" on the less iffy end. It's a gradient spectrum. RPG characters are kinda floating nearby, off the low end of the scale; the fact that they're explicitly temporary and not really supposed to be tied to you in some fundamental way helps a lot.

@IceWolf fictional characters in general are meant to be less a literal existing person and more a vehicle through which a storyteller and hearer can conceptualize ideas, i'm not sure there's any meaningful difference between the two other than the topic being "identity"

@kat (and then you sometimes get fictional characters showing up in the author's head and flipping the whole thing upside down :P)

@kat (which is /really fucking cool!/ and also not really relevant; that's not triggery in the least)

@IceWolf at this point i have like 10 fursonas and it's kind of an identity thing but definitely not a plural thing

it's like the weird horny version of that proverb about three blind dudes touching different parts of an elephant

i am a single hyperdimensional disaster gay that can only be expressed in this world in the shape of 10 separate animal girls

@IceWolf alternately just think of it like outfits but they all have pro wrestler backstories

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@IceWolf @kat I've been suppressed before and it's extremely traumatic, but I do want to say that a lot of people use this as a method of self discovery and it doesn't have to be related to plural things. All beings tend to be multi-faceted and if compartmentalizing is how they learn and grow and discover themselves, more power to them.

@otter @IceWolf tbh storytelling and playing characters is like... one of the deepest and most truthful methods of self exploration and sharing yourself with others, that's why it's like the first universal thing that shows up in every culture

@kat My perception of physical self has never been consistent enough to paint physical picture of me :)

@kat i can't decide what i want to be. like, i usually let my rp paint a kind of picture, which can vaguely resemble just about anything that i'm feeling at the time, and it's worked for me so far, but i don't think i can call them fursonas

@kat I don't really mind having none and I don't really kin anything I get enough enjoyment with watching other people be fulfilled.

@kat I just don't. never really put thought into it or care to. it's cool when people do I just don't really want one

@kat i'll be honest i keep trying to think of friends to ask this question to and the problem is they've all acquired fursonas in the meantime

@kat We didn't have a fursona for the first 17 years of our life and... :blobfoxthinking:

Huh, actually life wasn't all that much fun before we got a fursona. You may be on to something.

@kat I like shapeshifting! Not having a determined form is really comfortable to me I think. I think it also kinda melts into how I create/ use characters? (Like I don't really have "OCs" since I don't usually draw the same character twice, nor do I ever really give them any backstory or personality)

But idk, for all I know this could all just be because I don't really have a grasp on my own identity or my wants so it'd be kind of hard to create an idealized version of myself

@kat I was gonna answer, but you made me realize that I kinda had a few and just never considered or took them out of their specific daydreams. So I guess my answer is, by compartmentalizing

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