boomerang but when u throw it it makes u sad

it's a bummerang

@kat and also just a normal boomerang because theyre nowhere near as cool as cartoons made them out to be

@pup_hime @kat they're cool as hell, IF you spend like a year learning how to use them

It's fuckin wild that they were invented as a hunting tool

@Kaffe @kat yea but like you have to learn to use them so if you pick up a boomerang inspired by cartoons youre likely not gonna get much out of it and its gonna make u :(

@kat I hate my shitpost brain sometimes because it handed me this when I saw "bummerang" and expects me to make it somehow funnier: fuck you *unbends your boomerang*

@kat a bummerang is any boomerang that fails to come back to you

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