my hot cyberpunk take is i don't think technology is bad

every cyberpunk thing is like "in the future everyone uses VR instead of being in the REAL WORLD, wake up sheeple" but here in 2021 the Real World is a soul sucking corporate hellscape and VR is a safe space with queer people finding each other and forming genuine friendships so idk

maybe technology is actually inherently cool and the part you should hate instead is capitalism turning it into a predatory shitfire


hotter take: transhumanism is extremely rad and technology is cool as hell and if you think cyberpunk is about tech being inherently capitalist then you need to read more stories about queer trans bipoc making prosthetic cyberarms for each other in their communal basement factoring labs and using them to punch the hell out of cops

@kat agree there's good stuff in the cyberpunk style out there but there is a big part of that "genre" (i hate genre) which explores some tendencies of late capitalism and it's desire to break down some borders and create others.

saying this doesn't stop trans cyberpunk narratives from existing and i don't think we need to uncover the hidden non-white, non-binary thinking/bodies at the core of cyberpunk.


i think about this a lot with fantasy and how white and hetero the history of it is. this history is real, from Lovecraft to de Camp to Tolkein there's a lot of boring shit in there but there's also stuff to fuck with, to use in our own ways for new histories like Nalo Hopkinson, Nnedi Okorafor, NK Jeminisin.

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