fuck you twilight, you can't have vampires that just drink pig blood, that's cheating

at least call them what they are, they're hampires

@kat Keeping this toot open just so I can see what Mika has to say about it

@kat Kat. Stop. Please. I beg you.

I can't stop laughing. increments the Is It Time To Rewatch My Best Friend Is A Vampire? timer

vampires in the rain: dampires
vampire wannabes: shampires
oh that vampire is kinda sexy: damnpires

and of course, the vampires actually in twilight: glampires

@Kyoji @kat vampires who perform professional wrestling: slampires

@Kyoji @kat vampires who referee baseball: umpires

...wait, hang on, there’s a problem here

@Kyoji @kat actually they love baseball which makes them umpires I can't believe it took me this long to remember that there was a Toon setting published in Pyramid with Hampires. Who suck the ink from toons reducing them to black and white (decades before Adventure Time) stick figures.

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