i am not even joking i have absolutely RGBed this thing to fuck and back

not pictured: the programmable LED strip attached to the back of the case so it casts programmable RGB light patterns on the wall behind my desk

it's not in these pics but the sheer force of the RGB light slamming itself out the back airflow mesh means the lighting it throws onto the wall behind my desk is in a rad as fuck hexagon pattern too

it's a total eyesore i love it

also the keyboard is also programmable RGB and is incorporated into the lighting software, and has dynamic effects so it gets more firey when i type real fast on it

also also it's hard to tell from a photo but this is mostly just red but occasionally the other colors come in when it "flares up" and gets more intense, which is partly tied to GPU temperature

it literally burns hotter when you play games on it it's so fucking extra

also I just have way less overboard lighting schemes (one is all black but the photo would just be... black) so it’s actually pretty chill most of the time and will not keep you up at night

i have anxiety so the darker color schemes actually have a set of (not very bright) mappings on the front LED strip that i have a personal ruleset for so i can use it as a readout that tells me if the computer's on, running properly, how hard it's working, what its temperature is, and (by layering something that's been written to the RGB hub strip with something that runs on iCue) tells me if it's restarted or had a crash or if it's still running interrupted from the last time i touched it

i really like RGB okay

@Zest @kat with the power of VR, even RGB gamer PCs can be the locale for a hangout


*holding a tangled mess of LEDs* i just think theyre neat

@kat I decided to RGB up my new computer and having the fans pulse on and off is very cool but I forgot to connect the interior white LEDs to a switch so now I just have an ultrabright cube in my room at night that I just need to deal with

@Moot oh no haha

i do wish there were also better software options for RGB control, i need three different pieces of software to configure mine because nobody wants their components to talk to the other brands

@kat I say "deal with" I've had this pc for 3 years and I've done exactly nothing about it

@kat this looks like the set of a movie where i'm attacked by a xenomorph

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