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VR hangout instructions:

1) get VRchat (it is free, runs on most computers, and has a not-VR mode if you do not have a headset)

2) add this person to your friends list: ∴ Kat ∴

3) at ⚠️ 8PM EST on Saturdays ⚠️, find me on the social list and join the room i'm in, or request an invite if it's invite-only

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if you could translate my beautiful mermaid song it would say:

craigslist m(ermaid) 4 f - need cute beach girl to come tie me in a fucking pretzel get in touch by screaming into a conch shell ttys

i don't think anyone's going to notice i'm gone anyway haha

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had to dip out of vrchat, too many conversations going on and i couldn't get a word in and it was making me go into anxiety mode haha

suddenly realizing it's real hard to tell everyone "stop talking i need to explain a thing" when you're bad at speaking up

okay it is vrchat movie night, everyone join up

we're gonna watch howl's moving castle

might start vrchat a tiny bit late, sorting out a tech issue

vrchat meetup tonight will either be a regular one, or a movie night if we can get things set up in time

tonight's movie might be: howl's moving castle

got some pretty rough medical news yesterday so i'm coping with that, i'm safe and it's nothing terminal, but it is kind of a life event so i'm kinda trying to process it

might be getting some pretty rough medical news today

viscera cleanup detail


me a week ago: ugh do I really need to spend this much on tires, is driving in snow really going to be that bad

me this week: snow? fuck you. sharp uphill turn? fuck you. I’ll accidentally mount the curb and not even notice, I don’t care. winter can’t fuck with this

one of the things that kept me from transitioning for a while was like gross people saying "oh it's just a thing in america, trans people don't really exist anywhere else" so seeing trans peeps from outside the country makes me feel warm inside

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seeing a bio that's like totally in japanese and then it's got preferred pronouns in it and going like "fuck yeah" under my breath

i think this weekend is gonna be the vrchat movie night sleepover night

vr chat, doom, gun, pixelated gore


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