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VR hangout instructions:

1) get VRchat (it is free, runs on most computers, and has a not-VR mode if you do not have a headset)

2) add this person to your friends list: ∴ Kat ∴

3) at ⚠️ 8PM EST on Saturdays ⚠️, find me on the social list and join the room i'm in, or request an invite if it's invite-only

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if you could translate my beautiful mermaid song it would say:

craigslist m(ermaid) 4 f - need cute beach girl to come tie me in a fucking pretzel get in touch by screaming into a conch shell ttys

just gonna play endless space 2 since it's way more bimbo-friendly

i'll try stellaris again in like 5 years when i've learned to operate it

spent like 30 seconds reading tooltips and just closed the game


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what in the entire actual fuck am i looking at

how do people play games like this

i haven't actually started stellaris yet and my empire is a planet full of humans who turned themselves into a hive mind of unreasonably horny fox people who want to assimilate the galaxy

this game is wild

deep-fried brain drippings 

space elves, otherwise known as spelves,

i think what put me off stellaris last time was so much of it was just "set guidelines for your empire to build itself and ships to move themselves around" and it felt like i wasn't really getting to do any of the fun parts, i was just backseat gaming for an AI player

fucked up that more things don't have keygen music

half of mtg discourse is totally inaccessible to me because i have no idea what a one drop is

even though it isn't a good match with my deck theme i will die before i remove this precious baby from my card list

oh wait oh my god you can use the search to separate out cards in the grid layout

this is way easier now

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