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preferred pronouns:

“he’s a good boy” ❌ ⚔️
“she’s a good girl” ✅ 💤
“he’s a good girl” 🌟 🌟 🌟
“she’s a good boy” 🌟 🌟 🌟

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VR hangout instructions:

1) get VRchat (it is free, runs on most computers, and has a not-VR mode if you do not have a headset)

2) add this person to your friends list: ∴ Kat ∴

3) at ⚠️ 8PM EST on Saturdays ⚠️, find me on the social list and join the room i'm in, or request an invite if it's invite-only

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if you could translate my beautiful mermaid song it would say:

craigslist m(ermaid) 4 f - need cute beach girl to come tie me in a fucking pretzel get in touch by screaming into a conch shell ttys

body sushi is a ripoff tbh, just get some regular sushi and some HRT and make your own at home

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is it more awkward to do body sushi with a group, or by yourself

i feel like they're both more awkward

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how fucking awkward is body sushi. how could you get through an entire meal without being like "so uh........ you want some???" "no i'm good" "aight"

"nice boobs btw"

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me at the body sushi place: waiter, this woman is raw

just being able to roll with a joke someone's doing and not totally get in the way and wet-blanket it is honestly a really important skill

it's time to decide

how hard is it to just start up your own mastodon instance

i bet it's probably pretty easy even though i don't know anything about code

or the light world version

i'm the one who thinks hr giger is horny so i could be either

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fucked up that mark zuckerberg couldn't solve the mirror maze

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mark zuckerberg was actually a cool person but he went to the dark world and got possessed by his dark world counterpart, Dark Zuckerberg and now we all have to deal with it

what if instead of going to the bathroom you just involuntarily screamed real loud for like 30 seconds randomly, 4-6 times throughout the day

people keep answering and then someone says it's automatic (it's not) and then i'm like "i don't think it's automatic" and then people reply to that with the answer because it sounds like i don't know yet and aaaaaaaaaAAAAAA

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so if you switch instances how do you actually like move your follows/followers over

i already wish i had gotten to spend my day off relaxing yesterday

if we're friends and you're on you can add me as Kat#6847 or follow me on whatever instance you move to if you do that

i've got like some trauma stuff that's making it hard for me to deal with all this in a single night on zero notice and i don't know if/when i'm gonna switch instances or anything like that, i'm just tired and i can't deal with it atm

i need to take a break for my own safety but i hope we can all stay in touch

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