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New article, The Bizarre World of Non-Fungible Tokens. Because, yeah, NFTs and crypto-art are just weird, concerning, and a lot more pervasive than I thought.

sleepy cuddlebots can also be used as body pillows

A thing that capitalism is not as good at is subtitles. Netflix? I get maybe 4 options for languages. DVD/BlueRay 3 if you are lucky.

OpenSubtitles for some random ass video you have in xvid format across 3 CDRs? 3254 results just in English. Do you want the one with fan context descriptors? How about the translation that some professor at Duke argued was actually more accurate. Sorry, there are only three versions from different grad students.

Finally, a screen reader accessible Mastodon client for windows. Very early stages, but check out TweeseCake #Mastodon #WebDev #Fediverse #Accessibility

part of owning a cat is also owning a ghost cat, which is what causes the feeling of your cat rubbing against your legs but isn’t there when you look down

hi-fi beats to stress out and procrastinate to

An artist:

1. bought an Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.
2. made 999 high-quality forgeries.
3. shuffled them.
4. sold each of the 1000 drawings for $250.

You might get the original $20,000 Warhol, but you’ll never know. This hurts my brain and I'm loving it!

It's a reasonable price for common art. No lottery. Nobody is ripped off. The artist profits hugely, yet gives away a unique item far below market value, but its receiver won't know.

It challenges our value system in very Warhol-way.

Lil' update: moved across the country to love with my wonderful gf, got a new job, generally pretty happy about life.

holy shit

here's an art reference tool that allows you to rotate a skull and it will find images that match the angle youve set with whatever species you select

it really is funny seeing loser libertarians who got involved in crypto/NFTs/etc learn in real time why various financial regulation exists

im at soup

what soup, you ask

nothing much what soup with you

Ariane is a neat Gemini browser for mobile (especially with updates; I was using one of the earliest releases for a long while) but I really wish it wouldn't wipe your session when you switch applications, or forget your position when you lock the phone. It's nigh on unusable as is.

Ah hah hah, whoops. The Gemini server for had been down for months and I just now noticed.

The Island app (Insular on F-Droid) is amazing. I turn it on while I'm at work and my work slack, authenticator app, and stuff is available. The moment work is done I turn it off and there is zero work related garbage available on my phone. They don't get access to my phone (or the little sandbox space) after hours.

the year is 2043. I'm listening to bitrotted MP3s on a trash reclaimed ipod nano 3g, riding in the back of a biofuel mini truck, en route to the transgender shark girl commune in northern ontario

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