a lot of programmers seem to have this misconception that GC == slow

GC is fine and frankly a good idea in 99.9% of cases

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@invis i don't have resources but i do have validation: giving someone who's willing to learn and grow the space and ability to do so always works out better than cutting them out, no matter how many people disagree.

communities that foster growth like that are worth their weight in diamonds; those memories stick with someone well after they move on – if they ever do.

Specifically, the situation is that we kicked someone from our chatroom due to them making people uncomfortable, but they're willing to learn, so me and another mod wants to work with them. And it's a tough situation, because it's a lot we have to teach and overcome, and not everyone on the server agrees with our decision, and it would be so easy just to give up. But I don't want to?

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Is anyone aware of any resources for internet chatroom etiquette? I'm trying to compile some stuff for a friend who's not very good with social cues.

I wasn't even trying? Literally the point of that thread was "ah, yeah, ROM hacking. I totally don't do that anymore, so I should probably remove the button on my website's navbar". And then it got retweeted by a Sonic account with 35k followers.

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also, one of my tweet threads on birdsite went viral and i really don't know how to feel about that. i literally cannot keep up with the notifications.

Fiddling with pen pressure and such while watching tutorials with @SophicLeech, starting to get into the swing of things #mastoart

Masto: Shout into the endless void

Discord: Shout at a select list of people or a person directly

Twitter: Shout into a pit of angry vipers

Texting: oh god oh fuck who is texting me and why

Phone calls: No

Letters: Probably spam

Talking face to face: Basically discord but like, in person??? who does that

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✨ Fat is beautiful. Fat is round and soft and cute and smooth.

💪 Fat is strong. Fat is lifting and carrying and muscles and weight.

🌱 Fat is natural. Your body wants to be this size.

Fat is not ugly. Not unhealthy. Not shameful.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

The worst thing about 21st century internet culture? The fact that two generations of people have been conditioned to refer to everything they do as "content".

Are you a writer? An artist? A photographer? A film maker? A blogger? It no longer matters. You're a content creator and something something monetisation.

It's the year 2030. Every operating system is now UNIX. Kernel panics and arcane commands haunt our nightmares. The concept of a "configuration tool" or a "system theme" is but a distant memory.

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