First I remove the back plate. It’s screwed in with tri wing screws which is Nintendo’s preferred screw type to make them kid proof

Next I unplug the battery and gently pry it off with a spudger

There are three specific screws you remove to expose the motherboard

The zl, minus, and stick ribbon cables all need to be removed in order to remove the stick. This is done by flipping a little latch on the plugs with a spudger and removing them with fine tipped pliers

And then I just do everything in reverse. This ribbon cable (the replacement stick) is proving particularly stubborn to connect

A close up of the old stick. It’s lumpy because I’ve removed the cap in the past (a suggested fix for the drift issue) and they’re real tough to get back on right

@hoppet i'm not convinced any human has gotten the cap back on properly unassisted

@monorail seriously i wanna know how they do it in the factory... so many nubs to go into so many slots

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