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stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

Do you open your bananas from the top (the side with the stem) or the bottom?

Hi there! I'm Roxy, an indie dev creating a game about this spinny lad in the video! Shield Cat is in its prototype stage and I'm posting lots of builds and progress regularly, so if you wanna find out more please head on over here, thanks!

hi this is catdad here to say that the fact that the greedy nature of capitalism insists that small businesses must always be growing or else wither is fuckin toxic

open your etsy store and if you make $5/mo that's still $5/mo more than you had before and it doesn't matter if you never make more and you have to refuse orders from people.

there's nothing wrong with creating what you can and no more

thanks for coming to my ted talk

as i get older, being smart and/or right is not important, but being earnest and kind is

This sounds like someone who's in cahoots with the seagulls 🤔

its called the xbox 360 because u turn 360 degrees and walk away
its called the nintendo 64 because u turn 64 degrees and walk away
its called the ps 4 because u turn 4 degrees and walk away

its called the xbox one bc its been one week since u looked at me

*kicks down your door* under communism everyone has boobs

spambots (Subtoot i guess? Can you subtoot a bot?)


me: shinji's hatred of himself is framed by his hatred of his father, seeing his father within himself and being unable to annihilate the father inside himself, he falls into despair

the arbys cashier: sir this is an arbys

"functional programming is scary"

you fool, you'll never know that the real terror was side effects, and they were right in front of you the whole time

"I've done it!" I say, swirling a test tube. "Pure essence of reply guy!"

"Actually, I have a .3% sodium impurity. You'd know that if you were enlightened like me."

some pokedex entries really be like
"this pokemon is very playful and loves being with humans! :)" while other ones are like
"if you go outside alone on nights this pokemon is out, you will fucking die, it will tear you limb from limb"

Cat postings will continue until morale improves

made an important discovery

Nintendo used a singular "they" to describe a Pom Pom

"I am....boy."

audience: *soft clapping*

"And....I'm girl."

audience: *oohs and ahhs as the clapping becomes more sincere* *hushed whispers rise among the crowd as to what will come next*

"I....I'm genderfluid!"

audience: *thunderous applause and with whistling and cheers* *they throw their hats in the air in solidarity*

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