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time to get some shuteye and have some dreams

whoever invented the search feature in mastodon, reveal yourself to me coward. why cant i find every post that says "peanus weanus"? this is on you. you fucked up,

donald duck "definitely fucks, constnatly, and loudly" reveals harry potter author J.K. Rowling as police trundle her into the back of a paddy wagon

has anyone figured out how much money batman spent punching people and how much Arkham would have benefited if that money had been spent on social services instead

The reservoir was draining today. It's a magnificent sight. ·

Yeah I'm DMAB

D esiring
M uch
A ffection
B today

Hey y'all! I've noticed theres been some discourse over the lesbian flag and hers my proposal for a new one! Hope you like it XD XD XD

kids these days doing know the sheer drama of slapping your flip phone shut after a call. 🙄

for the love of everything fraggable... its farkin cold in here

⭐️Wanna support me making a game?
From now until March 20th (I extended the offer!) anyone who's a $5+ Patron will get an icon like this! Please see my Patreon here:

And see the attached snoot for the game!!! Thank you <3

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