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supplementary introduction

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Mention of the unsanitary terrible post laurie made yesterday. I non-jokingly mean be ready for the worst if you don’t know about it and look into this:

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which one is a better alteration of “tomorrow”

john wick pushes through bodies pulsing to the rhythm of the club they danced in. the assassins were closing on him. a flash of blue appears on his left. he turns.

John: ...Miku.

Miku Hatsune reveals herself, katana in hand: Hello, John. I heard you were back.

John reaches for the pistol hidden in his coat pocket: 'fraid so.

john wick crashes through the window of an NPR recording room, stumbling and bleeding. every host and the sound mixer pull out a machete simultaneously

while you were getting fave's, I studied the reply. while you were getting boost's, I mastered the riff. while you were original-posting in pursuit of clout, I cultivated reaction comedy. and now that the TL is on fire and the chuds are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help.

@hoppet @HYPERLINK further yelling:

ironically the PDF about how bad PDF accessibility *is* accessibility-tagged, but neither iOS Safari nor iOS Books are capable of reflowing it, nor any other PDF viewer i have installed, so it doesn't matter

even the Nook app doesn't do reflow and that's got all sorts of Adobe bullshit libraries linked into it

only Adobe's actual Acrobat Reader app works, PDF accessibility might as well be proprietary
@hoppet @HYPERLINK the thing about PDF that really gets my goat is that there's an accessibility tag part of the standard, which also enables reflow for small screens…

…but nobody uses it. certainly the LaTeX ecosystem doesn't, which includes Pandoc's PDF renderer. is a good summary

so we keep getting this dumb page-oriented binary nightmare format. meanwhile: epub is HTML in ZIP 😇

"star wars"? ridiculous. stars can't hold weapons, they don't even have hands!

Lynne Teaches Tech: Does “dark mode” really save battery life? (long, serious)

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URGENT :boost_ok:

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