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benefits of being mutuals with me:

β€’ i will try to say nice things
β€’ on rare occasions i will make a funi edit to an image u post
β€’ bad jokes
β€’ video game
β€’ talking about nerd stuff
β€’ occasional posts about jazz
β€’ the following declarations on a regular schedule
:blank:​‒ i'm gay
:blank:​‒ bed comfy
:blank:​‒ i'm sleepy
:blank:​‒ tea good
:blank:​‒ buni

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you know how anime eyes go through trends? Well, we're almost at the start of a new decade, I think it's about time the next trend for the 20's is going back to dummy huge eyes.

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I'm going to make a fediverse client for ios and i can't decide on a name :blobcatthinking:​

"Fedi Friends" seems kinda fun but i dunno

anxiety (mild negative) 

been low-key anxious all day and it's getting tiiiiiring

wanna read book but can't find my <unspecified brand> reader womp womp

hi followers, i started my own mastodon instance and will be moving to so get ready for new follow requests :P also if your name is holly and you want a space on feel free to drop me a line and i'll give you an invite

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hi followers, i started my own mastodon instance and will be moving to so get ready for new follow requests :P

impromptu hat kid drawing for A Hat in Time's anniversary...!

food pic, help request 

thanks @lifning,, and @tsturm for the banana assistance. It helps me a lot to eat a banana a day for some digestive health stuff so went ahead and ate it. It was barely acceptable but since it's medicine in a way, hey I'll take it over the alternative.

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food pic, help request 

can someone please help a colorblind person assess the greenness of this banana?

Hey. Hey. So.

There's this game that's on Kickstarter right now called "OTHER: Her Loving Embrace" and you HAVE to check it out if you haven't already. It's a turn based RPG where you have to physically attack your enemies during your turn like an action game, and dodge during their turn

It's also looking really nice, the spritework is great, the few characters are all awesome, and the music is something else

actually i changed my mind i might be too sleepy to do a crime

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