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hey, you, yeah you!

play Knights in the Nightmare

i am doing a commission for @nellcromancer and @junebug because i made a silly comment about having four arms so that you can have two duel disks at once, and honestly it’s turning into a really fun piece

now i have to draw junebug

if there were two flareons with cute floof, and one of them pet the other who is soft, would that be fluffed up or what

my brain will not stop trying to make a character action tabletop RPG

gotta hand it to Parler, leaving all their application secrets and passwords up for grabs does make all the speech on the platform incredibly free

the way computers have solved chess just proves that the future of games lies not in strict rules but in self-expression

tl;dr hey alphago, do DMC5 next

"Anything that doesn't involve breaking a few EULAs probably isn't worth doing"

nsfw, brainweird 

god I’m fuckin’ horny

“so you wanna get fucked, right?”

god no. I don’t even think I want to be present, I just want to, like, vaguely be aware of something hot happening

people who are also pokemon are very good and important

pokégirl content, mh ~ 

sorry, I’m out of human sociability for the day, all further requests will be responded to with gardevoir noises

thank you for your understanding

kink, shitpost, covid 

everyone laughed at me for my weird obsession with sealing boys in glass stasis tubes but now that it’s responsible safe sex, who’s laughing now?!

me, reading posts from rpg design twitter: ah yes, this is why I left rpg design twitter


A furry asking a non-furry what their favorite animal is is equivalent to a fae asking for someone's name


ah yes, the unavoidable part of the project where I have to go do that 3D printer debugging/maintenance I’ve been putting off for about a year

nsfw furry art 

Here's a commission I did hehe

Little known fact about my fursona is that her naughty parts glow, especially when she's using her magic to enhance the pleasure...

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