food, possibly cursed 

let’s say for the sake of argument that luminmechs existed. let’s also say that they aren’t sentient, that they’re not the size of a truck, and that you can just crack into one like a lobster to get at the insides

what do y’all think luminmechs taste like

an oral history of pso2 

When AQs dropped, I fell in love with Ruin Charm because it looked like a Z-Saber and spent *days* grinding for it, to the point where to this day I occasionally nervously hum a snippet of the ruins battle theme when I’m tense.

No, you couldn’t just buy one off the market! It was *ten* stars, so rare it broke the normal 1-9 rarity scale. If you wanted a 10* item, you had to get it as a drop... or get premium, get any 10* weapon (itself an accomplishment), trade that 10* into the premium-only swap shop for a 10* Weapon Transfer Pass (effectively destroying it), and THEN you could buy a 10* off the market.

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in case of wacky woohoo pizza robot, look directly at wacky woohoo pizza robot

[whispers] hey, you wanna see some gardevoir art

[1] (a gift from my very sweet leaffriend)

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apparently, according to whoever took these photos, the red zone is where you wave the magnet. so what’s on the other side? a Hall effect sensor or something, right? surely?

nope, it’s a fucking *push button*

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the one I was looking forward to most was making Matt Furniss a minor character. you know, the guy only really notable for leaving this message in a game

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nsfw-adj: hypno themes, half-dressed pokégirl 

Just in time for Halloween, it's two takes on me as a vampire! I've always loved this aesthetic, balancing menacing and affectionate. Besides, isn't it fitting to stare into a cute boy's eyes until he's totally enthralled, and takes that first step closer without really knowing why...?


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born inside mt moon
raised in dark cave
gardevoir trucking
is all that i crave

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