I think a lot about the go grandmaster who, after witnessing AlphaGo constantly play the kinds of gleaming-insight moves that most people make once or twice in a lifetime, uttered in despair “there is not a human alive who has touched the edge of the truth of go”

there’s a lot poetic here, but I think “brushing my fingers against the edge of the truth of X” is such a poetic way to evoke barely, *barely* beginning to understand something

that first flash of light where, for a split second, you glimpse the six different paths you’re going to need to walk to even *begin* to have a beginner’s understanding

the moment of “ah, now I understand how much I don’t understand”; of just barely being able to build your first rough draft framework, when even *that* is hard work, let alone filling it with actual understanding

anyway I write this because I am starting to glimpse the edge of the truth of a project that I have been trying to write for a long time, and I’m starting to feel the structure actually connect in ways that could support itself

it’s still a long, long road to even fully just *starting* from here, and yet…

@gardevoir one of the key axioms I learned in kenjutsu is 'the mind of the master is closest to the mind of the beginner' because mastery and just starting out look remarkably similar in interesting ways, which is the beginner will -attempt- things nobody sees coming because they haven't yet been taught the bounds of the possible. the master meanwhile realizes the 'rules' are just a set of guidelines to avoid screwing up, not the actual marker of skill

@gardevoir the easiest spars I've ever had were against intermediate students, people in the MIDDLE of learning, because they'd learned just enough to be both predictable AND clumsy; they weren't trying new ideas or pushing the boundaries of their understanding because they were still in the phase of rote learning, and hadn't yet pushed through to the boundary where you can start making interesting breaks in your own patterns

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