so far, the absolute hardest part of GM'ing Shadowrun is not that there's five billion mechanics

it's stopping the table from getting distracted five minutes into doing legwork and ending up spending an hour seducing a helicopter pilot, because it's just too much fun a scene to roleplay, and every mechanic in this game has way too much depth it actively rewards you for engaging with it


@embr anyone here ever just dress up the team van as a ramen truck to set up outside a corp to collect intel, then wind up getting pulled into the dark underground of street food turf wars

god I love shadowrun

@gardevoir @embr my character once Yakuza shirt-off dueled someone for control of a gang. It wasn't even the main objective, I had to protect an orc underground pop star and I ended up having to fight the gang boss in the course of that. It was great because otherwise I was gonna get my ass handed to me by their cronies.

@Mareepy god I love shadowrun! that fuckin’ *rules*

I once fucked up an adept build by forgetting to actually take stunbolt so I just plapped a slap patch full of tranquilizers on this dude’s forehead and shouted, in character, “STUNBOLT”

@gardevoir I haven't tried adept properly yet, nor any kind of mage, but I have so much fun with street sams I don't even care.

@Mareepy @gardevoir I love hearing these stories so much

this system just lends itself so well to doing stupid bullshit and it's so good

Shadowrun story, fictional violence, comic 

@embr @gardevoir god there were so many good times. Here's a comic one of our players did about my rigger saving our adept from a shadow spirit. It's one of my biggest brain moments because my weapon wasn't going to do enough damage to kill the spirit and our adept was 100% about to die by their own sword. The dice agreed.

re: Shadowrun story, fictional violence, comic 

@Mareepy that's so good holy shit

re: Shadowrun story, fictional violence, comic 

@gardevoir that rigger might be my favorite character. They were a class 3 surgeling who just had so many animalistic features. They went from shut in to party face over the course of a year and a half or so. I need to find some more of the art of him

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