the music here is an arrangement (not complete) of Wonder Panorama from Mega Man ZX... and the backing countermelody for the underwater version is the main melody from Ultramarine Meditation

yes, I spent *months* of time and effort, for the joke of dynamically mixing together the two water level themes from Mega Man ZX

I regret *nothing*

the hard work was all done for me by the absolutely lovely disassembly team, working off the oracles-disasm repo

but in order to implement dynamic music, I had to inject a new command into the sound driver for a conditional jump, which was a really fun challenge (and would absolutely not have been possible without all their hard work!)

here's a full version of both arrangements, tentatively titled "Coral Growing Out of a Mech's Open Hatch"

there are still a few spots I'd like to tweak here and there, but really, compared to the work of implementing dynamic music in Oracle of Ages, uh, that part's easy

the original song is; you can kinda see how I went for a slower and more somber tone? that's kinda... me recreating the song the way it felt in my memories, more than the way it actually was

the countermelody is from, because I couldn't decide which ZX water area theme to use and settled on "why not both"

@gardevoir miaaaaa this is goooooooood, holy fuck

like i'm not even familiar with the original works but this is still great

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