it’s kinda funny to me how MMBN fan games are usually either remakes or plotless, because when you start thinking about how you make a sequel to a shockingly prescient cyberpunk-for-kids game

it’s fuckin’ *hard*

I think a lot about it, and about the attempt our fansite made at a sequel story, where everyone was issued arm-mounted devices meant to track and control you, and we all lived in a junkyard as the resistance

and then I think about how Star Force’s message was always “having friends is good! isn’t social media great :)”

slightly dark sequelbuilding 

you can’t start with Patch. Patch is your rival character, and only when you show him the effects of his actions does he have an “oh shit, *I’m* the bad guy here” moment and join your side

you start with a queer kid getting harassed by internet gangs. because that’s the power of the internet, isn’t? it has “watch” and “organize” verbs, and you work that into gameplay with some mechanic for mobs of Navis and viruses

you’ve thrown your PET under the bed because “there’s nothing good on the internet”, it’s only a source of pain. but you get the tiniest glimpse of a lifeline, of some other way the world can be, and you build yourself a Navi to go find out what it is

each scenario is you meeting one of the people from your little guild, and seeing the difference between Navi and operator (2000s-era network mystery games love that shit)

ultimately, in the vein of the original games looking at unrestrained optimism and going “I mean, the internet can be dangerous too!”

I think the job of a MMBN sequel would be to say “the internet can still be good”

to not shy away from the way it can hurt people, but to take a fundamentally hopeful stance and... well, shine in the dark

@gardevoir I figure you could just look at a tech CEO's social media account and just plagiarize the heck out of it

@gardevoir alternatively, for a late-series MMBN experience, write something world-threatening but has nothing to do with the internet

and then shoehorn the internet into it

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