shouted out on the Kusoge Advent Calendar for making a less eye-straining version of a Yu Yu Hakusho SNES game

@gardevoir did it just generate a trivially completable deck and do it for you??

@monorail no, actually, uh

I got impatient and started the next game during the elaborate post-clear card-bouncing animation, and it reset my move counter during the animation, and then declared the game complete at the end of the animation (with a score of zero)

@hierarchon ...I dunno, you’re outside my mind-reading radius, but actually probably not, unless you’re expecting “Tetris DX but horny”


@gardevoir "This game is experimental and contains flashing and hypnotic imagery."

okay yeah it's exactly what i thought it was going to be


@karma deeply, sincerely, thank you

this was a huge accomplishment for me; the thing pasted me across the floor every time i tried on JP, so i'm *very* proud of this

re: pso2 

@gardevoir Yeah! Absolutely, it's no small feat to get that far! The only reason I ever got anywhere on JP was the fact that Etoile got released and I could facetank the first 20 floors to learn the attacks lmao, I can absolutely relate to the floor pasting.

I'm really excited to see that you made the climb to 100 - I've actually taken a bit of a break there myself. You gonna keep climbing or chill out for a while? :3

re: pso2 

@karma I think I’m gonna keep going to 150, to see the Rogue variant? I’m sure as hell not going to make it to 999 before NGS, but I’m having way too much fun to just stop here!

It’s been a really good excuse to learn all the tiny minutiae of Hero, like how to optimize gear gain (I’m regularly getting Hero Time long before the phase change!) and what animations count as separate attacks... I really feel like a top-class Hero now

the feeling of just effortlessly tagging out between weapons mid-fight is just... it’s incredible. there’s nothing else like it

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