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Hi! I'm Mia, from Gardevoir.

* I'm pokégirl
* gender: just femme of neutral (she/they are cool)
* sexuality: I like boys, especially boys in thighhighs
* “I wanna fuck you” is fine, “I wanna date you” is a little weird, cause I’m taken
* content is 50/50 weird furry kinks and game design
* my fingerspikes are clumsy so sometimes I accidentally like the wrong posts; if I do I'm deeply sorry
* I *always* want to hear about your niche interest
* check out my weird porn games at

kink, silly 

at what degree of hardware automation does a C/NC scene become a CNC scene?

(the answer is hopefully none, because the moving areas of most CNC devices are not built to go anywhere near humans last i checked)

petplay kink 

Clicker training someone who knows what clicker training is, so every time the click goes off they frown or give a little indignant huff, because they know what it means and it what it's supposed to do, and the idea that it would work on a sophisticated mind like theirs is a little insulting

It works regardless, of course

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anyway being a furry rules because you can both smooch a cute boy and have a cat to pet in your lap at the same time

@gardevoir today is gonna be the day that you're gardevoir it back to you

NSFW, ref sheet 

MY REF SHEET IS DONE!!! I’ll do a sfw version eventually… :D

fallen apples 

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
and near it stays
there it lays
years and months and weeks and days
and it rots

Oil pastels look great as dirt on #gunpla model kits.

Hopefully it won't be too just come off a year from now when I take the kit off my shelf to dust.

I don’t want “recommendations,” I want things to STAY where I PUT THEM

oh sick the nintendo switch app now lets you put splatoon stage rotation widgets on your phone, so you can always see what’s up

is this useless? yep! am I going to do it anyway because it makes me smile? absolutely

Good morning, anyone want to spend an hour building a two-register, one-bit, fixed-instruction digital computer from 1959 out of paper?

sixtyfourdle (warning: screen readers will die instantly) 

188 68/70 (score 2320, 68%)

encoding one of two possible states, as a bit

in Super Mario World, after you beat the final level of the Special Zone, named Funky, it changes the palette of the overworld and changes many of the graphics of enemies

so you might say that

Super Mario World was the first game with a New Funky Mode

Ay! (she's dead, frye. there's nothing more we can do. sometimes you simply have to live with the guilt of your actions.)

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"shadow clone jutsu!" i yell as i fling life-size cutout standees of c3po at my enemies

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