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here’s the thread where I post all the Gardevoir art I’ve commissioned!

things are going very well with this commission...definitely love having a good excuse to draw a complicated duel setup scene like this, especially with these given characters

if you must see any skit, bea arthur's sheer dripping contempt for her lines is the part which induces the least suffering

not *no* suffering, just the *least* suffering

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anyway i watched the star wars holiday special and my advice to you is this: don't watch the star wars holiday special, even ironically

new type of guy, he pilots a mech suit similar to mine. we counter each other perfectly. i incapacitate his suit as he pierces my generator, the explosion turning our mechanised chassis to space debris seconds after we eject. we have to work together to survive and signal a nearby civilian ship to pick us up, with only minutes of oxygen left. we're safe. we kiss passionately

very lewd sorry


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hypnokink: bored hypnoswitch, stuck at home by herself




Why do they call it stuffin when you stuff in the cold bread stuff out hot eat the bread

even more cursed nsfw


exceedingly cursed nsfw


If you take the "c" and "x" off the ends of "cardboard box", you're left with a perfectly repeating ardbo-ardbo

god Macross 82-99 can really inject some energy into a slow, exhausting day

what a good band

starting CW discourse but its about the network this time

So I was playing Destiny 2 with some friends and letting folks know that I had a name and pronoun change.

When I was asked what my gender was, I was on a map with active rails on it.

So in the heat of an oncoming disaster, I suddenly shouted, open mic, to everyone in that moment "TRAIN!"

So yeah, I guess my gender is now train.

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