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an oral history of pso2 

I’ve been playing this game a long-ass time. PSO2 is a game that tries everything and does more of what works—but that means there’s also a lot of leftover dead ends, experiments that didn’t really work out.

In this thread, I’d like to preserve some stories of the game as it used to be.

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intro post 

Hi! I'm Mia, from Gardevoir.

* I'm pokégirl
* gender: just femme of neutral (she/they are cool)
* sexuality: I like boys, especially boys in thighhighs
* “I wanna fuck you” is fine, “I wanna date you” is a little weird, cause I’m taken
* content is 50/50 weird furry kinks and game design
* my fingerspikes are clumsy so sometimes I accidentally like the wrong posts; if I do I'm deeply sorry
* I *always* want to hear about your niche interest
* check out my weird porn games at

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here’s the thread where I post all the Gardevoir art I’ve commissioned!

nsfw, Mia gets existentially weird with it: horny jail 

enter the genre of “horny jail”

and I don’t just mean like horny locations themed after like jails or creepy mental health institutions or whatever, though there are a *lot* of those

these are devices—or sometimes little rooms—that are designed to hold a character for a while.

the really clever ones only count online time, or even have little minigames that you have to pass, as a way to test that you’re really at the computer, paying attention, and staring at your character. if you want to use this character again—and it’s SL, so just making an alt has a huge financial implication, because you’d have to rebuy everything!—you *have* to wait it out!

thus, the act of being imprisoned itself becomes horny. it’s honestly pretty clever. as long as you can’t just sit on the reflected geometry underneath the mirrored floor or something to clip out, anyway, because SL is just... like that

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nsfw, Mia gets existentially weird with it: horny jail 

see, SL had... what was originally a third-party viewer, I think, and became an API that any viewer could implement, that’d allow in-world scripts to take control of your viewer and deny your character permissions, consensually and with a technological safeword release

super cool stuff, honestly! and people built a bunch of gear and machines that locked you in once you got in, it’s great

but then there’s a kind of weird implication. sure, I can lock someone into a machine, but they disappear when they log off, and a locked machine with nobody inside it looks weird

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re: nsfw, Mia gets existentially weird with it: horny jail 

@gardevoir I would expect any horny jail to turn into both types eventually, so the difference is academic

nsfw, Mia gets existentially weird with it: horny jail 

I always thought the “horny jail” meme was amusing and the “you claim to be a prison abolitionist yet you send people to horny jail” response-meme genuinely funny, but

like, do y’all not know about Second Life horny jail

not in the “send people there for being horny” sense, in the “it’s a jail, and it is horny” sense

“what’s she gonna do, cuddle me?” —quote from boy cuddled

I wrote a short NSFW story! CWs inside 

Okay, again, this one ended up a fair bit longer than I expected (about 5.4k words), but I hope that's okay. This one kind of follows from my last story, Tea, though with actual sex this time, and also a focus on a different kink, hypno this time. As always, open to criticism!

Content warning for:
- Furry people
- Sex
- Hypnosis
- Conditioning
- Dominance/submission
- Mentions of food


Or, if you don't have a Gemini browser:

broke: b/w meaning “backed with”

woke: b/w meaning “boywarms”

thinking about wielding a baseball bat in a reverse grip, like the guy from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

a burner phone, but when it rings, it bursts into flame

rise and grind gaymers it's time to attack and dethrone god

game dev ~ 

I’m feeling kind of disillusioned with game dev because it takes *so much* work to get anything even remotely playable and even then, lately it hasn’t come out onto the page *right*

I think I just need a little rest

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