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intro post 

Hi! I'm Mia, from Gardevoir.

* I'm pokégirl
* gender: just femme of neutral (she/they are cool)
* sexuality: I like boys, especially boys in thighhighs
* “I wanna fuck you” is fine, “I wanna date you” is a little weird, cause I’m taken
* content is 50/50 weird furry kinks and game design
* my fingerspikes are clumsy so sometimes I accidentally like the wrong posts; if I do I'm deeply sorry
* I *always* want to hear about your niche interest
* check out my weird porn games at

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here’s the thread where I post all the Gardevoir art I’ve commissioned!

they could probably afford to have like bespoke props designed and 3D printed, but instead, they still just cut the bottom off a water tank, put a person inside with their legs sticking out, and call it a droid

and I deeply, genuinely adore it every single time

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you ever think about the thin window of history where it might have been possible to buy both an Episode 1 commlink toy, and also the women’s razor it was made out of, at the same time

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I deeply love that despite surely now having more money than god, the Mandalorian still just like… goes to Home Depot and just spray-paints a flashlight silver for a throwaway prop

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism (unless you're buying a grappling hook)

going to mod Monster Hunter Rise to replace the horn call when you start a quest with the Street Fighter Alpha 3 announcer going “yeah, that makes sense”

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is this a bad time to admit that despite how much I’m in love with the theory of the Groove system, I have never actually played CvS2 and would almost certainly loathe it if I actually tried because the skill floor is almost certainly higher than I could ever reach

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the only complaint I have about this idea is that you have two different styles which start with A so I can’t just call it A-Groove

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“so in Monster Hunter Generations, you have fighting styles which change the properties of your attacks slightly—“

me, slamming my hands on the table, doing the Capcom vs SNK 2 voice: this is the hunter for the new millennium! you’ll experience the most exciting hunts in history

*making puns 24/7* hee hehe
*having them become an uncontrollable part of your speech patterns* uh oh

dollkink cursed shoppe // 

@junebug a shop that sells stuffed animals with a rudimentary nonsapient anima (they'll snuggle back), and lifelike dolls with lifelike personalities (other than unrealistically obedient to their owners, at least).

The dolls cost big bucks, but the stuffed animals are free if you allow yourself to be copied onto a blank doll for the shop to sell.

kink cursed shoppe // 

@junebug a shop that sells magical scenes/experiences: live out absolutely any fantasy within a scene, at the cost of you're now own the hook to be summoned as an "actor" in n+1 future scenes, where n is the number of actors in yours. summoning may include physical and mental modifications as required to perform the future customers' ideal.

(there's room to negotiate — e.g., if you have a gentle fantasy, you could require that you not be summoned into a violent scene)

did you know the browser already has the ability to scroll. the scroll which works already did you know it already works and that you literally dont need to do anything and it just works so why are you doing things to make it not work

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5D Chess (a couple times during each match the board shoots water at you, plus you're sitting on rumble seats)

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