Alright I came up with a good idea that'll let me sleep without waiting for this to finish first

I've got it set up so that it should automatically start the instance back up once the database import completes. ...At least, it should start back up properly

Fuck, it went most of the way through the migration and failed on a tiny thing near the end, so it threw away everything

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The most depressing part? It did take as long to perform the migration.

Y'know what? I wonder if I could do this faster by just... copypasting the data directory wholesale.

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update: not doing that because I'm 99% sure I'd just have to have everything re-analyzed and whatnot to account for the fact it's on a server with an NVMe drive and not a shared HDD

That and have to do school and whatnot and by the time I come back it'll be about the 4 hour range anyways and I might as well wait it out

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