just realized I haven't figured out dinner yet

Gonna do that, then probably going to start streaming
Sooo expect me to start that in about 25-30ish minutes

Thinking about doing some more randomized and wingding-ified Pokemon Sword streaming pretty soon

Partially because I realized just how long database migrations take and I want to do something while I wait lol

Also I think I managed to fix going into max raid battles, although it came at the cost of de-randomizing the support trainers... Honestly the randomizer should fix the fact that trainers can be randomly given non-existent pokemon

Why does postgres take so long to create indexes i swear

the h in holly stands for kissing on lesbiabs actually

the federating issues on my main instance are getting intolerable, and i have no idea what's causing them... .-.

update: not doing that because I'm 99% sure I'd just have to have everything re-analyzed and whatnot to account for the fact it's on a server with an NVMe drive and not a shared HDD

That and have to do school and whatnot and by the time I come back it'll be about the 4 hour range anyways and I might as well wait it out

Y'know what? I wonder if I could do this faster by just... copypasting the data directory wholesale.

The most depressing part? It did take as long to perform the migration.

Fuck, it went most of the way through the migration and failed on a tiny thing near the end, so it threw away everything

Alright I came up with a good idea that'll let me sleep without waiting for this to finish first

I've got it set up so that it should automatically start the instance back up once the database import completes. ...At least, it should start back up properly

Also I realized old remote posts weren't being pruned so I did that, and the resulting database backup was less than a gigabyte from the, like, 20 GB size it was

Soooo I should prune old remote posts more, and this import shouldn't take, like, 5-6 hours, knock on wood

Alright, I'm at the point in this migration where the only thing I'm waiting on is for the database files to finish being imported

This time, however, the instance is going to be running on a server with an NVMe drive, soooooo at least while it's on this temp server, the hard drive won't be throttling anything

huh. apparently there are "hacking music" albums on youtube. just what i needed

Figured I'd go ahead and sync up my primary and secondary accounts' follows in hopes that I become a little bit less lonely during the migration this time.

Although then again I'm probably going to go to sleep while I'm doing it...

also i've got sylveon.is again

i really do need to actually make the sylveon.is/trans page i've wanted to make for a good while now (and of course, everything else redirects to sylveon.is/trans)

finished my homework. my server, however, has not finished its homework (migrating the database)

status update: nope, i haven't forgotten about the migration. it's still going. god this is taking a while

While I wait for this database migration to complete, I'm working on the most boring class I've got this semester, which is a class on soft skills and basically being customer support. AKA like the one thing I probably wouldn't do well and it's required for me to graduate to do anything IT apparently. x.x

OK, I'm bailing the migration. I don't have time, I have to leave for an appointment in, like, ten minutes, the migration doesn't seem like it completed alright, and I don't think I'll have the time to re-do it.

infuriation, caps


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