Never mind, seems like it was just the smallest blip not on my end, everything came back up before my appointment even started ^~^

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Worst comes to worst, I learned from what happened a few months ago and so I have an offsite backup that was created at around 12-12:30 PM EST today, I can just spin those up on my backup server.

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Neat, my main server has just decided to stop working right before an appointment.

I'm not going to be able to investigate it for a little bit, but if it's still down once my appointment is done, I'll look into the cause and try and fix it asap.

yeah I really need to move all the stuff on my server ASAP

I'm trying to move It'd usually take less than a minute to do this, but I've been waiting for over 40 minutes and it's only 71% done. The speed is barely reaching 1 MB/s at best, and is hovering around 600-700 KB/s at most points.

The server's upload speed is supposed to be far, *far* faster than that. Something's gone awry.

Okay, so I FINALLY got access to my server console by them giving me access to a temporary KVM (i'd question why it took them until now to do this, but i won't look a gift horse in the mouth) and I've brought the main server back online.

I will now be taking immediate backups and saving them on my computer right this second.

I'll be continuing this on my usual account, @holly ^~^

i love being put on edge for a day knowing my server is powered on and connected to the internet but isn't at all accessible after two days of waiting for even that. i'm fucking upset.

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fuck it, i'm getting radio silence from my webhost, i give up waiting. i'm going to use the old backup for raccoon army and hope it doesn't screw anything up, and if this firewall they claim they've been working on for over 14-15 hours at this point still isn't up by tomorrow i'm going to strongly consider putting up a new instance or starting a new one with the same domain.

i'm starting to grow extremely impatient with this situation with my server, and i probably should've been impatient about it three days ago.

but at this point i know the instant i give up waiting on things and start bringing up old backups, everything will start working and it'll screw everything up

worries over server stuff 

hm. i'm starting to actually get worried about the state of my main server. the only thing i was able to access, my PBX server, seemed to have some oddities to it - it seemed to claim that there were a ton of calls going on starting today. i figured it must've been compromised as i proceeded to delete my config from it and shut it down, but then i looked at my account info for the service i use to get phone numbers and it doesn't seem to indicate the server has made or received any calls anytime recently, especially not today.

i'm concerned about the server's stability.

vague but not focused on any particular post or person other than myself 

i really need to work on not assuming that everything that's negative and vaguely referencing something is referencing something i did/said

kinda silly 

okay so apparently i'm dealing with genie/monkey paw levels of language technicality here, so

webhost bring the portion of the client portal that allows me to add my IP address to the firewall exception list so that i may access my server's IPMI back up challenge 2021

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webhost bring your client portal back up so i can access my IPMI again challenge 2021

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more server stuff 

Okay, I've exhausted all of my options to access my server normally and, unfortunately, I secured it a bit too tight, relying upon my ability to access either the proxmox web client or the IPMI interface. Since I can't access either, I have to wait for my access to one or the other to return.

I'm not holding my breath for what's not working on my server at the moment to suddenly work, but I should be getting IPMI access back tonight once my webhost's client portal is back up (which is their current estimate.)

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Oh, here's an update! My server appears to be technically online. Most of the services I run on it, however, appear to be down or otherwise inaccessible. I also can't access the IPMI interface - the client interface I'd use to give myself access appears to still be down at the exact moment. This makes me confident, however, that I should find a way to get everything back up and running by tonight.

food, random silly 

what people think when they write the words "potato bar": a counter with potatoes and optional toppings for them

what I think when I read the words "potato bar": a compressed bar of potato

Oh, on second thought, I just wasn't using the right keywords in my web searches. Turns out there's a dedicated tool exactly for this - PVE-zsync.

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ughhh starting to realize something about what i had planned for my failover setup

proxmox requires members of the same cluster essentially be in the same datacenter, and to replicate a virtual machine across two nodes, they have to be in the same cluster

so basically i can't do what i wanted to do with it and it's back to the drawing board for me

asking for dns recommendations, boosts encouraged 

Hm. Anyone know of a good DNS provider that can do failover? It doesn't necessarily have to be free (I don't mind paying a reasonable price if it's good and reliable), but I won't do Cloudflare, and I'd like to avoid using Amazon, Google, or Microsoft's offerings if I can help it.

So the odds of my server being one of the damaged ones are about 5-10% apparently, according to a post by my webhost, so if I'm in the not unlucky 90-95% my usual main server might be back up by... around tomorrow this time.

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