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international mastodon bottoms union together we can figure out how to drive a car

i finally got networking to work on arch linux which i definitely didn't have problems with, it was all according to keikaku

i guess tomorrow ill install a gui then figure out which essential packages im missing then

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i've been trying to install arch linux in a vm today and its pretty neat,, i'm taking it slow since i'm noting down what i'm doing so i can replicate it easier in the future

i had to write down that i shouldn't have skipped changing the mirror servers download speeds are 300 kb/s tops and installation is taking way longer,,,oopsy woopsy

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every time i see Females in a book shop i get so pissed lmao

me last year: linux seems cool but i don't think i could use it in a desktop environment, i guess ill have to learn it some other way in the future

me 2 weeks into 2020: wait most games run good on linux? and linux desktops are super aesthetic? and it gives me an excuse to look at thinkpads i don't need? interesting...

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@SuperGideon "What's your name?"


"No that's your birth name, what's your REAL name?"

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there are no laws that says you have to declare your buns :bun: to the tax office, so that might be a way to save money. i am not a lawyer tho and this is not legal advice

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TIL that in the US, you can get advertisers to stop sending you physical mail by telling the post office "that you, *in your own discretion*, believe [the advertisements] to be 'erotically arousing or sexually provocative.'" (Emphasis mine.)

USPS and the advertiser are not legally allowed to contest this.

So if you tell them that CreditOne mailings just make you *too horny*...

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Wow their health bars are huge it'll take a while to defeat them

i played more pokemon white and encountered a maractus... seeing it do a lil wiggle as its sprite animation makes it one of my new faves

im lov cute cactus babby

nintendo switch repair fun time


i want to play pokemon white, white 2 and then sword, but playing on the 3ds feels so smol compared to the switch now

i guess it doesn't help that i emulated emerald when i played that

it also doesn't help that i burnt myself out trying to get a living dex in gen 4

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Fedi feature idea: "Reason we muted/blocked" optional text field for when we block users and instances so that when we go to see they're blocked months/years down the road, we can remember why the heck we blocked them in the first place.

i think im falling into the home server rabbit hole...i just bought a raspberry pi zero w just so i could have a 2nd pihole

i literally only did it so i could feel safe putting pihole in my router as both my primary and second dns servers...and im already thinking about setting up openvpn so i can use pihole outside of my house

and i already bought more ram for my laptop so i can run the minecraft server comfortably with pihole and maybe even more stuff running simultaneously

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feeling real hackerman after uncommenting the line in bash that makes my laptop server stop suspending itself when the lid gets closed

it actually runs pretty well even when i only allocate it 3gb of ram

i definitely gotta get more ram tho, thankfully its cheap ddr3 sodimm ram

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