life update 

I moved to a real apartment with a real kitchen and also a roommate and his cat

and I started HRT

Here Comes Daredevil

Finished commission for @BxFenns -thank you!
Quite pleased with this one

Full Res as well as an alternate nsfw version available via patreon-

Darkseed 2 

I'm rewatching the retsupurae of Darkseed 2 again and I just got that Jack, Mike's "really cool friend", is the Dark Seed

I bet you would look really cute as a renamon

currently only keeping myself going at work today with energy drinks

renamon definitely get a fluffy coat during winter

what I'm saying is that I'm very fluffy and soft and now I want to commission someone to draw a fluffy rena

haha what if you were a renamon wouldn't that be crazy

cyberpunk 2077, HRT, shitpost 

me taking HRT 🤝 cyberpunk 2077 reviews

8 years of crunch and we only get B-cups in character creation?? 0/10

"I'm going to video game tonight" she says booting up the ps4 before getting sucked into watching youtube videos for 3 hours

"ah, alas"

lewd pinup art 

I got a new pinup from HeyoItsNino on twitter ~w~

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