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Me: Pikachu!
You: Esp, you're not a pikachu, you're not even a pokemon!
Me: :pika_surprise:

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Hi, if you know me from twitter and haven't talked to me in years or are related to me then this is not for you.

Respect my boundaries.

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I use blocking for self protection. If you find yourself blocked, its likely that I've determined you are too spoon intensive for me.

My battery is just empty and thus I have to protect myself.

Please respect that, and leave me be. Thank you 💜

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I am aware of that I must be infuriating/annoying at times with how little I know/how slow I tend to catch up

Thank you for your patience and I swear I'm trying my best :blobheart:

I am thankful for my friends taking time and spoons out of their day to help me, someone who has no idea what they're doing in linux, with debugging problems and installing stuff etc :googlecatheart:

"This copy of windows is not genuine"

Excuse me what the fuck, yes it is?

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Got a super fancy commission by !!!
omg, it's so freaking cute and amazing!!


Wise words from a catbun

I exist, therefore I am

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I should not be posting about complicated stuff at 3 am

Don't think I'm making much sense anymore

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