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Me: Pikachu!
You: Esp, you're not a pikachu, you're not even a pokemon!
Me: :pika_surprise:

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Hi, if you know me from twitter and haven't talked to me in years or are related to me then this is not for you.

Respect my boundaries.

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I use blocking for self protection. If you find yourself blocked, its likely that I've determined you are too spoon intensive for me.

My battery is just empty and thus I have to protect myself.

Please respect that, and leave me be. Thank you 💜

TFW meta commentary on spyro games whilst shitposting

Snoot the dragon: Enter the Snoo--

Wait that game doesn't exist

Realtalk, ripto is jealous of the snoots dragons have and that's why he hates dragons cause his snoot sucks

Snoot the dragon 3: Year of the Snoot

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I feel like we need a dork/prep axis for snoot/snout. The dork thing would be snoot.

Its far cuter after all

Science, make me into a shape shifting anthro catbun you cowards

I'm thankful to those who take time out of their day to write subtitles but

don't use it to be funny
It's the opposite of helpful. No subtitles would be better than this.
Heck even youtube's autogenerated (bad) subtitles are better than this

Dear people who make subtitles on youtube
Don't write jokes in your subtitles and then completely not subtitle the video? Your job is not to be funny.

"I'm only two minutes in and this is consuming my mind" is not helpful
Neither is "Oh I love this part!"

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* I move away from the microphone to breathe in


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