@polymerwitch You cannot orbit the flat earth, as it always turns so that the spacecraft is over it. For this reason, space agencies must carefully coordinate launches to avoid "orbital overlap". It's not a perfect system though, and every now and then the flat earth must pick from multiple targets. As it does so, it will shake and oscillate, which we know as "earthquakes". Once it picked a target, the other orbital objects are annihilated out of existence. It is theorised that sometimes they are annihilated *retroactively*, but we would never really know


@polymerwitch You might think you found a flaw in our current understanding of the cosmos - satellites and the ISS. You would be wrong! All of them actually hang on ropes under the moon, so they can be approached by actual spacecraft - as far as cosmology is considered they are a part of the moon's "spatial grid"
This also means that the coolest part of satellite launches had to be kept secret all this time: every permanent orbital object has to carry one or more SPACE HARPOONS to tether itself to the moon and "exit flight"

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