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I can't deal with being a person, I'll just dream myself into the night sky. Come find me there, creature, but hurry. In the morning we will have to be people again

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Have you heard about the latest fun game everyone is doing? Post your nuclear arming key
It's fine, because we just do it as meme and because everyone is doing it. Like mine is 76111 13886 what's yours?
You get BONUS POINTS if you also provide details about the physical security of the facility! Boosts appreciated

tech rant 

If you maintain or especially if you make a website/service in 2022 where the user can't change their registered email address, shame on you

It's amazing how far videogame storytelling has come in a relatively short time, though early titles often knew not to take themselves too seriously

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my life changed forever when i learned that when a website uses a standard <input type="file"> element for file uploads, you can drag a file from your file manager onto the button to do the upload

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Adblockers are killing YouTube influencer industry profits. Search for UBlock Origin so you can help.

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Too frequently, my personal space is measured in light-seconds

I just saw a Sandslash do the caramelldansen and my day is already infinitely better

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The only instrument I know how to play is the variometer
beep beep beeeeeeeeeep bwooooooooooooooo

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if anyone wants to help with drawing some heads in the same art style it would be nice

I think I spent an hour yesterday making one head that looks... okay, and I've only finished one of the three angles

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lewd joke 

Look, Bandai, all I'm saying is that if you did not want people to draw kinky art of your AI fighter jets you probably should not have given them ideas by naming them "dominance fighters"

State television keeps running reports about "illegal migrants" throwing frozen dirt at police on the border, like I'm supposed to think that's not rad

I thought my Factorio mods are over the top, and then I see a short video of what appears to be a fenced disco area with large panther-like creatures dancing on the color tiles while a bunch of engineers, maid dolls, a robot/power armor and a princess in a red-pink dress watch, and two monsters with nukes strapped to their backs run around the place

I theorize that after artificial skin gets sufficiently "realistic", and proliferates, at some point it will be popular in some circles to have "retro" skin, similar to glossy early CGI attempts

You can feather your propeller, but why stop there? Feather your entire body

The cryptocurrency network is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding cryptocurrency network

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The Sun are complicit of many crimes, most recent being that they put scarequotes around the word "sexy" on this article,

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