appreciate-a-dragon day, one is also a snake 

appreciate-a-dragon day, one is also a snake 

we have only drawn half of the dragons in our system, so @dusk gets official art and Diann gets an approximation made with flight rising's "predict morphology" page.

Gender stuff, plural 

Weird feelings being a guy in a system that's about half trans girls

idea: game in the mario universe where you're like, a toad or whatever, going around and documenting all of the wildlife and stuff

stay alert: some users on fedi could be pokemon. would you be able to tell?

Hot take: Orcs and Kobolds can be and frequently are friends of Humans, Elves, Dorfs and the like

D&D is just racist

@mawr I'm glad that most people seem to reject the official lore because what's the point of playing a fantasy game where you can do magic and go on all sorts of wacky adventures if I can't be friends with the little dragon people?

Fuck that all the races are get along and love each other and conflicts happen because some people suck and it has nothing to do with what they look like. There I created improved D&D!

Doomscrolling is when you're speedrunning a jump-maze map in Doom and you bind jump to scrollwheel


when you see someone talking about male pussies and you're like hell yeah trans inclusion but then it's just about ass

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someone on the bird site asked what their black followers want their nonblack followers to know and ill share mine here (though i will admit i was thinking specifically of yt people at the time):

learn to put your body between black people and violence. chances are the violence will stop or lessen if it sees that you might be the target. it will not stop for me.

ableism, uspol, rant 

This (unedited) screenshot was one of the first things I saw this morning. I've seen it a bunch but today something in me just snapped

Because I absolutely /do/ understand how "this wasn't the end of it." Because ableism almost never carries practical or social consequences for anyone (much less someone for whom The Cruelty Is the Point...but self-described lefties get away with it as much as the MAGA types). Ableism is, where not participated in, at the very least condoned.

Rabbit Fundraising Stream 

hey yall, im doin a fundraising stream for the houses' rabbits ( )

here is a shopping list of what i need for the stream ( )

the break down of the items is such:

-webcam to point towards rabbits (rabbit cam)
-usb dock to stream from my other laptop
-scissors (refer to twine)
-twine to tie up hayrritos (hay burritos)

feel free to check out their hashtags below!

#TheRabbitHole #orumPosting #bunyPosting #crowdFunding

Oh great, classes are coming up next week, but a few days ago we went fully nocturnal

thinking about masc NB folx and nodding my head enthusiastically

Hey Mastodon, especially English-speaking Mastodon, can you please, for the love of the stars, CW your sexual shitposts? Especially when they parody sexist behaviors.

irl human, selfie, eye contact, lower half of face covered by mask 

a selfie we uploaded to monsterpit

introduction post 

we are a median system of 8 (the lines between us are often blurred, but we're pretty sure there're 8 of us)

Jean: robot moth, she/they, suspected of being the one who fronts most often.

Jane: AI, she/her, polymorph; can use basically anything as her appearance and often changes.

Kess: winged snake (dragon), he/her/they, is probably the most actively kinky.

Cobalt: synthetic wingless dragon, they/she (sometimes he/him, but we're not sure if we're comfortable with anyone other than us using those), is mostly active when vore is involved

Hive: multicellular organism known as a human, any pronouns, him calling himself human caused us some trouble early on

Dusk: noivern (dragon bat pokemon), he/they, not sure what to say

Chitter: (jumping?) spider, they/them, pedipalps!

Diann: dragon, she/her, fairly inactive

we heard that was open to people who know people already on it. is that true, and what do we do to try to join?

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