vore, terrible pun 

Plotting to eat people (who've given prior consent), or,



me: yeah, definitely Dusk

another of us: dusk? it's nearly dawn!

us: face palms

adopted art; noivern 

now without watermarks!

and with the name Pastila. Pastila the Noivern.


(art by @pixelytesfw@twitter.com)

art; new adopt 

i have acquired a loud new friend

i love them.

vore, endo 

last night Jean was bat food :dragnmelt:

I think I've been fronting for the majority of the last three days

Me: I'm a hot girl

Cis people: So you're a girl?

Me: No, lol

Does the world know that the french military and cops are having columns in a newspaper where they literally call for a civil war to clean "ungovernable neighborhoods"*?

* it means black and arab people in french

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