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Introduction, very long, spiders


Should we post on Mastodon more?

Self-promotion, sort of (Discord channel)


rel, sadness


Kink/BDSM terminology, sanism


You know, it's kinda neat that the username Layla picked just so happens to be a workable name for a plural system too. Good job. 👍


mh -, sexual harassment, swearing, long


uspol, transmisia, swearing


A new beta for Naev came out this morning:

Lots of improvements compared to the 0.7 release made 3 years ago. 🙂

ACAB, police, racism, violence, murder, harassment, sexual assault


sexual assault


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This week our chat on "How is racism a free software issue?" is lead by Molly de Blanc. We hope you'll join us for an honest and constructive session at 2pm ET/6pm UTC on Thursday. A little more on how we'll be framing this topic is here,



hot take: if the admin/moderation team for your thing is 100% white people, you might wanna rethink that/think about how it ended up that way

Programming grumbles


Bad joke


Sanism, long


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