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Introduction, very long, spiders 

Time for a new since I'm switching instances again. 😅

So! I'm a neurodivergent, highly sapphic pansexual, relationship anarchist (polyam) trans girl.

I'm a FLOSS ; some of my personal projects include Hexoshi and ReTux. I'm also the maintainer of Project: Starfighter and a regular contributor to Naev. I have a separate account for talking about / announcing my gamedev activities:

I am also a jewelry maker! I make bracelets and necklaces. I post photos of jewelry I've made on another separate account: @diligentcircle

(Both of those accounts are new as of this writing.)

I'm an exclusive Linux user and have been for years now. The last time I had Windows installed on any computer I owned would have been around 2012. 😛

I'm a big fan of spicy food! My favorite kind of food is Thai style food, and at Thai places I always get the hottest spice they have. I also like Mexican-style stuff and taco meat is the only thing I know how to season properly (I learned so I could make taco meat sugar-free).

I like various anime and cartoons, though I don't consider myself a big anime geek. Some of my favorite series include The Promised Neverland, Samurai Jack, HUNTER×HUNTER, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dragon Ball, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, etc.

I'm also gradually (very painfully slowly) reading Death Note and One-Punch man. 日本語を練習したいし、I'm reading both in Japanese. (うん、日本語も話せるんだよ。まだ下手すぎるけどね。) Reading those is pretty much the only practice in the Japanese language I ever get, but I'm honestly thrilled I'm able to read anything at all after so many years of not being able to understand much of anything.

Last, but not least, I'm a massive, huge spider fangirl. 🕷️ I love spiders. If I was an animal, I would be a cute, adorable little spider-chan friend. 😊 I love spiders so much that I actually sleep with an adorable, soft, and cuddly tarantula plushie. If I had the means to take care of a pet, I would seriously consider adopting a real tarantula. Since I can't, I just admire the lovely little creatures that skitter around the house.

And that's about it! Plz be nice. :3

Should we post on Mastodon more?

Self-promotion, sort of (Discord channel) 

We've decided to experiment with having a Discord server for talking about the work we do. Invite link here:


rel, sadness 

Separation is hard. 😢

I can't wait until I can see them again. One week just wasn't enough. It never will be.


Kink/BDSM terminology, sanism 

Random thought:

The phrase "SSN" - "Safe, Sane, and Consensual" - is phrased in an unnecessarily sanist way. Why "sane", as if to imply that only neurotypical people can practice BDSM? It seems to me that just "Safe and Consensual" should be what's called for, or perhaps "Safe With Informed Consent", not something that unnecessarily excludes and puts down neurodivergent people.


You know, it's kinda neat that the username Layla picked just so happens to be a workable name for a plural system too. Good job. 👍


mh -, sexual harassment, swearing, long 

I'm still not sure how to categorize the thing where every night I feel a need to turn off the lights in a particular order so I can see my surroundings clearly. And then run up the stairs and into my bedroom. I know why I do it on a basic, it's because I fear that I'll be attacked by some stranger hiding in the shadows. But why does my brain do this?

Thinking about this again because I went into a distressed panic when I accidentally turned a light off before I had another one on, leaving me in the darkness for about a second. Fumbled around to turn it back on, started breathing heavily, and nearly cried while turning off the lights in order as usual while frantically running to my room.

I have two theories for what caused me to start doing this: least likely, it could have been spurred on by the one time some stranger walked into the house and then immediately left. Much more likely, it could have been caused by that asshole chaser who constantly sexually harassed me while I worked at Walmart.

But as to what this actually is, how to classify what I do every night and why I feel the need to do it, I don't know, and that's frustrating.

uspol, transmisia, swearing 

Trump, don't you DARE celebrate Pride Month while specifically targeting trans people for discrimination. Don't you fucking DARE.

A new beta for Naev came out this morning:

Lots of improvements compared to the 0.7 release made 3 years ago. 🙂

ACAB, police, racism, violence, murder, harassment, sexual assault 

A former bastard cop explains why all cops are bastards. If you have any doubts at all about abolishing the police entirely, please give this a read.

sexual assault 


The sex workers and spouses they rape and assault, the civilians they leave paralyzed or with debilitating injuries, the families sabotaged by constant harassment and unjust arrests, the trauma inflicted by constant intimidation, death threats and coercion. Generational targeting where children are harassed because of the police's attitude toward their parents. The constant terrorism of Black communities... the damages of the Police are myriad and varied.

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This week our chat on "How is racism a free software issue?" is lead by Molly de Blanc. We hope you'll join us for an honest and constructive session at 2pm ET/6pm UTC on Thursday. A little more on how we'll be framing this topic is here,


Genuine question: does anyone actually like the purple cabbage that they shove into salad bags?

Programming grumbles 

Look, I know they didn't have search engines when they invented C and C++, but I really wish they hadn't gone with names so similar that they're hard to search for and many programmers of the latter genuinely believe they're the same language. :blobrollingeyes:​

As for C#, though, that has no excuse and Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves both for using # when they really meant ♯ and for picking a name that causes me to see stuff about C# when I'm actually searching for stuff about C.

Bad joke 

What is a male? A miserable little pile of paper!! But enough talk! Have address!!!

Sanism, long 

I kind of feel like attempts to stop certain people (transgender and gay people) from being classed as mentally ill, while technically the right decision, were motivated by an attempt to address the sanism felt by neurotypical people in these groups without addressing sanism itself.

When you think about it that way, redefining "Gender Identity Disorder" as "Gender Dysphoria" and stop classifying it as a mental disorder was a way of advancing trans rights while continuing to throw mentally ill people under the bus.

I do think that it's incorrect to define gender and sexual attraction as a mental disorder, so reclassifying made sense; it's more accurate language. But I think it's disgusting that the motivation for doing so seems to have been not seeking more correct language, but allowing neurotypical trans people to be unaffected by perpetuating continued sanism.

I think it's high time sanism is addressed head-on rather than extracting people who are being paid attention to out of the "mentally ill" classification. There is no shame in being mentally ill and it's high time society recognizes that.

And there's good news: the fight for acceptance of may finally be the cure we've been needing for so long. It's largely focused on , but unlike with trans people, it's generally been a struggle for acceptance of mental illness as a whole. The terms "neurodivergent" and "neurodiverse" are inclusive, not extractive.

I think that this is what we need. And we have a long long way to go, but I am hopeful that progress can finally be made after demonizing mentally ill people for so long.

Tomorrow I need to stop slacking and get back to work on . Maybe I should even do a little of that tonight.

(To be fair I've had a good and important reason for neglecting this work for the past couple days.)

On that note, consider following @diligentcircle (my alt account for jewelry pictures) if that's interesting to you. :3 Boosting toots from that account can also be super helpful.

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