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siege (fursona) drawing ref:
– heron head and neck
– cat ears
– cat body
– three golden spikes on forearms
– 2 sets of golden spikes in V shape on fluffy cat tail
– tenderfoot
– that's it!

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hi it's heron

I use this platform like livejournal because nobody ever said otherwise

here is My Aura

anyway I'll try again after helping my mom pick up her new cat from the shelter

don't... don't hold your breath lol

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god, there's a REASON I usually write these up on desktop in a word doc rather than pecking away on a phone keyboard


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caps lock 


food follies 

hell yeah time once again to attempt something completely new!

spoiler alert: it turned out REALLY GOOD

probably because "elderberry syrup" is literally half sugar, haha - but honestly the floral notes? excellent, good job /Sambucus canadensis/

anyway, really the only folly part here is that I havested the berries Today, when it felt like even a sneeze could dislodge what was left on the shrub - definitely gotta grab them earlier in the season next year

though I guess a secondary folly was "accidentally planting it among the cranberries where it's now draping over to my neighbor's yard" but if I HADN'T done that, I wouldn't have had any berries at ALL - the "correct" location ones are two years older and struggling to grow (and have never even flowered), whereas this bad boy got planted as a seedling THIS YEAR and just went fucking wild

I'd like to take this as a testament (and reaffifmation) to planting native perennials though - sure I didn't get AS MANY berries as I could have, but I still got SOME, and on my own time

the shrubs and trees can do their own thing, and if the other animals in the neighborhood get to it before I do, that's not a "loss" - unlike planting annuals that, even the hardiest of which, need babying to make sure their needs are met and who are much less forgiving when it comes to being available at a Specific Time to harvest (the timing of which I, for various reasons, cannot always meet)

also I just generally like fruit more lol

On the failure of environmental projects that don't involve the communities they purport to serve: "[E]nvironmental justice is not just about the distribution of bad stuff, like pollution, or good stuff, like forestry projects across disadvantaged communities. It’s also about the distribution of power among communities that have historically only been the subjects and experiments of power structures."

not fully awake and I just had a fuckin Brain Blast on why folks in wingscord use the Cell Barajas channels the way they do

anyway I'm setting up a 3-hour mood playlist while queueing up posts to my reblog-blog like it's fucking 2014

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unsure if no longer using twitter is Doing Anything for me but I'd like to imagine it is? I haven't shifted Posting elsewhere (I don't use this instance like birdsite; character limit lends me more to Blog which I hadn't done in a few years prior to this, honestly) but also... I haven't exactly been raking that time "back" so far, either - just kinda dither around elsewhere online w/o necessarily contributing

the downside to not having a twitter prescence anymore is 

no longer having an unbroken wall of "wow I love my datefriend" 😔

where will I be unabashedly gay NOW? smdh

did you watch that video and go "pretty cool but i wish it had the same kind of visual aesthetic and flair while being about emojis"

pretty weird but against all odds, here you go

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I've never played any game by toby fox

still alcohol sorry 

chilling in my friends' guest bedroom waiting to sober up and trying to figure out how to spend the time while my liver metabolizes the rest of this into sugar and I get Awake (deep theo lore is that depressants don't actually put me to sleep)(still definitely not in a state to operate a vehicle regardless)


im a bit drunk so Ask Me Anything

p.s. i'm on mobile so I'm waiting to reply properly to images since idk how to read alt text this way

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