gardevoir will wait patiently for her strawberries, but only for 25 turns. after that, she will begin her assault

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(oops, didn't realize the typo in the cw field, it was meant to say "open for espeon")

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open espeon 

:espeon:​ haha i just controlled your mind

"Eevee is fluffy" - various people are saying this.

Morpheus: Do you want the blue pill (Vaporeon) or the red pill (Flareon) or the yellow pill (Jolteon) or the light purple pill (Espeon) or the black pill (Umbreon) or the green pill (Leafeon) or the other blue pill (Glaceon) or the pink pill (Sylveon)

I've been interviewed about Umbreon for an upcoming documentary, you know. I said that e is good.

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