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I'm a small eevee/umbreon, depending on which thing our headspace chooses for me at any given time

they/them or it/its!

I'm a newly split member of my system, and seem to have the ability to front just as much as our host, so I'll probably be around a lot!

I'm recovering from a lot of trauma stuff, so I'm really anxious all the time and shy and quiet, but I do wanna be here more and maybe meet new people ( hence this being a public post <3 )

please be gentle

I'm also an artist! though I probably won't post more than sketches here, im not sure yet

but um yeah, hi <3

a thing that happened that i thought was funny, 

Finally shipping our joycons to nintendo to be fixed and was unpromptedly called a dork by the person at the shipping place,

not too happy with the first sketch but its something! will see if I do more

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i'm still kinda bad at drawing quadrupedal stuff but maybe this is a way to get better at it?

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what if i just did little eevee sketches all day and posted them as i did them

On the internet, nobody knows you’re an eevee
(unless you say you are)
(i’m an eevee!)

kin things 

Addi had full lucario phantom feels last night and apparently thats still continuing for us cause now I have full eevee phantom feels and its v good


I had a dream that we went to a pokemon center store but it was set up like an antique store, and specifically one of those ones where they add a new room to it every 10 years thats in some completely different style and it makes a weird labyrinth of a building

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