imo Shazam is still the best Superhero flick of the year

I think it was @HTHR to say that but as much as I love them most superhero movies and the ones in the MCU are painfully apolitical and devoid of any statement, it's entertaining for the sake of entertainment and it's a huge shame

Shazam had a message, a statement, "biological family can be horrible, found families can be good and are real families", and as non radical as that is, it's still SOMETHING, and something really nice to tell people as well. Some people need to be told that

It also does a good job at cast diversity. I felt it was way less white centric than most movies of the genre.


@Siphonay yeah it was very refreshing to see honestly.

also its just a really fun and lighthearted movie, unlike most superhero films these days. it had its dark moments, oh boy it did, but at the heart its just about two kids goofing around and becoming friends with superpowers in the mix

@audrey @Siphonay The movie I keep comparing it to in my head is Goonies (1985). It has so much of the same feel... there are dark moments, and the fantastic elements, but it's authentically about kids, among themselves, acting like kids.

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