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very long, neat japanese history stuff, gambling mention, also some gamer bullshit


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dysphoria, GRS, reassuring myself


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introduction, mental health things, dont boost


Romeo and Juliet
Act I

Two households, both alike in dignity,
Five feet apart, because they are not gay

amazon fc, death


very NSFW, genitals and sex, vvvv lewd sexy talk, indirectly lewd at the reader this is the 8est fic
8asically, the premise is Rose and Kanaya are dignified su8ur8an les8ians, and Vriska and Terezi move in next door and 8e feral

anime fans be like "subs or dubs' and ill say "both please"

saying “my life sucks” when things go wrong
-makes you sad

saying “lily hoshikawa wouldn’t want this for me” when things go wrong
-makes you think about lily
-reminds you that lily cares for you

Asking for financial help, Boosts appreciated


List of evidence that I am a dog IRL:

-Immediately perks up at strange noises
-Tilts head when confused
-Doesn't like vacuum cleaners
-Tempted to put head out window while driving, and actually did briefly once
-Sheds a lot
-Will stop everything for food

More evidence to be added as I uncover it

a quote from jim davis: "By virtue of being a cat, Garfield's not black, white, male or female, young, or old or a particular nationality."

this just in: jim davis thinks all cats are nonbinary, but more importantly, garfield is canonically nonbinary

imposing a $350 fine for awooing will simply create a system where awooing is basically legal for the wealthy. we call this class the Awoorgeoisie

money (-), help needed


i have already pissed off at least two of my friends by insisting skyrim VR's real name should be "nord art online"

friend needs some $$$ help, please boost!!


kin thoughts, probably goes without saying but




why crypids fucking sucks, an essay. CW meta, ableism, anti-furry and anti-kin sentiments, and just generally people being fucking awful.


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