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very long, neat japanese history stuff, gambling mention, also some gamer bullshit 

Today i found out about the Japanese playing card set known as Hanafuda (which directly translates to "flower cards"), which were created as the last in a long line of japanese playing card sets all made to circumvent the as a part of the bans on gambling and playing card sets introduced with the Tokugawa shogunate isolationist policy of Sakoku (translates to "closed country")

They eventually relaxed the laws because they realised it was better to regulate the gambling rather than trying and failing to ban every single card set (why they didnt ban cards as a whole i dont know)

The cards still remained mostly a niche unpopular thing because of this repression, but in the late 1800s a man by the name of Fusajiro Yamauchi created a small business to produce Hanafuda cards, and they steadily regained popularity, especially when the Yakuza started to use them in their gambling parlors.

This company later got into producing French playing cards and Mah Jong tile sets, even doing licensing deals with Disney to use their characters on the decks. (which helped shake the image of cards being just for gambling, which is nice.) All this helped them make a pretty good name for themselves, one you might have heard in fact. That name is Nintendo. (i'll come back to that)

The set contains twelve suits of four cards, each named after a month of the year. The cards, rather than having symbols and numbers like our modern french playing cards, instead have various artworks that tie into the rest of the suit, traditionally by the flowers present in the art (hence the name flower cards)

Suits typically have two standard cards and two special cards, indicated by unique features of the artwork, one common occurrence is a ribbon (one notable exception to the two normal two special rule is november, which is all special cards) The cards have unique point values used in some games, but others ignore that and are based around matching like cards.

Back to Nintendo: Despite them obviously having leaned pretty heavily into the video game market over card games, they do actually still produce Hanafuda sets, mostly for nostalgias sake than anything else. They even produce a mario themed one, based upon the classic Daitouryou (Japanese for president) deck, famous for featuring the image of Napoleon on its pack (despite him being an Emperor). The set features the classic cards with mario iconography added in. It stays very faithful, and its a complete joy to compare the deck designs between the Mario and Classic versions. (It even has an adorable rendition of Mario in napoleons outfit on the front!)

So yeah, Hanafuda is really cool and i really hecking want the mario set cos its gorgeous and i love mario and i love Hanafuda and gosh its good

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dysphoria, GRS, reassuring myself 

As much as it sucks now, it wont be forever. One day, you'll have made it. You'll have had GRS, you wont have to deal with this hell anymore. You'll have the vagina you were meant to have from the start.
It wont be easy, theres a lot of work involved, but you can do it. I know you can. Stay strong. :heart_trans:​

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introduction, mental health things, dont boost 

Hello friends, this is Audrey (she/her)

this is hopefully going to be my new home on the fediverse

this place is going to be much quieter than my old account. Only people i trust will be safe for my honestly fairly damaged mental health.
If this isnt you, that doesnt mean I think you're a bad person, i just need space right now.

Thankyou for understanding.

hey its that time when i remember fedi exists, post like two toots, then forget again

"Hey Morty burp, I'm gonna say some toxic shit, but add juuust enough consideration and thought to make it unclear if the writer intended to make my argument or establish something about my character"

'aw gee Rick, that seems like poor writing'

"Don't worry, Morty, I know how to tell jokes and structure plot so people will assume my 'smart' writing applies to anything I say, rather than just my storytelling abilities"

'i still don't think we should wear that armband, Rick'

request for income help 

hey y'all. we're disabled, and we don't qualify for any government income, and we really need to have income that we can use to either move out, or at least pay for our own groceries/part of rent so that our (abusive and controlling) parents feel that we're less of a Burden.

we can't guarantee any Thing in return to y'all, given our lack of ability to consistently work and output stuff.

so with that, if you're willing to help us with income:

  • our patreon is really helpful. it's how we pay for our meds, and it's the best form of consistent income we have rn. it's a big big thing for us that helps a lot, especially if we wanted to move out.
  • our paypal and cash app are more like a stopgap, it feels. we don't really wanna rely on them as income, but they do help if you want to give us some money.

thanks for reading, boosts are obviously welcome, etc. πŸ’šπŸ–€πŸ’™

at some point i ran out of spoons and for the past few years it's just been one single spoon with a string tied to it like a fake coin you use to steal candy from vending machines

NSFW and highly lewd 

i wanna write a story on a lewd site and tag it "defloration" and "creampie" etc, but it's actually just a sappy light novel about a couple picking flowers and baking a nice creamy pie together.

Name shitpost 

Emi is short for Subspace Emissary

@00dani @lynnesbian they didn't have to make homestuck, they could've let it die after problem sleuth

what if 😳 we kissed 😚 in the hentai car πŸš—πŸ‘™

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disney minus
we slowly remove every bit of disney paraphernalia in your house over the course of the months whcih you pay us

just saw a car with the lisence plate "hen7ai", hows your day going?

just saw a car with the lisence plate "hen7ai", hows your day going?

Boost if you remember that time FRβˆƒD was on iCarly

pokemons stuff 

sword and shield suck? just go play firered again lol

genitals, GRS, sex shit 

benefits of GRS
1) no more fuckin genital dysphoria
2) can have penetrative sex (also kinda falls under the dysphoria thing cos sex in general for me is made a bit harder with the dysphoria)
3) once ive had GRS i no longer am relying on my parents to fund it and i can like, leave

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