Older furries are like "yes, in 2002 I had a conversation with Robert A Wilson about the inevitability of posthuman bodyqueering, and he told me that tallied and to keep up the good work. We were high as balls though so"

Younger furries are like "taur oc = i report you to the police"

This might just be the one corner of furry that is visible to me though. I think the more "trying-to-be-normal furs" basically have the same social dynamics as everyone else but with more performativity across the board

The furries I know IRL have decided that "taur and sapient-feral OC havers are unethical creeps" but then they also can't stop making sexual jokes about ferals and then doing performative ethical corrections about it 🤔​

I've talked about this before, but:

* Some feral characters actually have been used by zoophiles for plausibly-deniable grooming purposes

* Most feral characters exist because the people who created them want to be specifically *sapient* ferals in some capacity

* Furry Youtubers made videos exposing the former and ignoring the latter

* As a consequence of this, most furries ended up collapsing the latter into the former in their ethical calculus

@argr It's a worrying tendency but I also know there are plenty of chill kinky younger furries and older furries that are like gun nuts from Arizona with the politics you'd expect from that.

Zoo ment (bad) 

@argr I posted about this recently enough but seeing that one person on here who was like, militantly against anything that wasn't just "a person with some animal traits" (their words), because they thought they had been like, MK Ultra hypno'd by dragon art into being a zoophile against their will sure was something

@argr don’t really wanna get too much into specifics publicly but there was a heavily-furry community I modded that has slowly become so bizarrely reactionary that the actual moderation team has started to basically drive out old school folks over shit like this and it’s like… why

@argr I've seen some of the latter go by in closer-to-mainstream furry circles, but it seems to have zero penetrance into the dragon community. Which is, when you get down to it, defined by sapient, mostly-quadrupedal lizards with various add-ons.

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