Headache so severe that the ibuprofen has only made a dent in it. Well... guess I'll lay down and try to chill out, maybe I'll read more of that bad furry pulp scifi novel that I thought would be a comic book but wasn't

Motherfucker. I was going to post "bon ivermectin" but forgot

Today's instigating incident: He touched a potentially-covid-covered item and then patted my back and hair, and when I asked if he touched my hair, he got absolutely affronted that I would dare to accuse him of Having Covid

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Man, my dad is determined to drink a few beers and get pissed off at me every day now, it seems

If anyone ends up making a Neo-Alchemy that starts yielding actual discoveries, I will immediately become the I Fucking Love Science Guy of it

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Might fuck around and wear a pup mask to Pride next year, for uhhhhh journalistic reasons

"We have to make sure the fucking furries don't hijack the singularity" sounds like a bad shitpost but I can guarantee you that variations on that phrase were being said with dead seriousness in late-2000s transhumanist IRC. Most of whose prominent users are now high-placed "tech influencers"

Thinking about how Ray Kurzweil has a "virtual alternate persona" named Ramona that he wants to transform into after the singularity

Going off anxiety-numbing pills after they stopped working right, and simultaneously having my HRT regimen reduced to just finasteride again, has made me back into a constantly otherkin-dysmorphic entity, it seems. And because of the subconscious residues of various Discourses I have internalized over the years, I feel pretty embarrassed about it. 🤷​

Doing some ultra-serious Futures Studies and using Datasets and Narratives to block together some Scenarios, but then it is revealed that my top-level organizing factor is "which year would Furry IRL happen"

Lately any time I think about the future too much I just end up having a sort of mental "mmm argggh urghh" response

@argr it will probably overlap with some weird 'brain tech', the development of the ability to communicate with crows and dolphins, an "app" which "lets you participate" in "acausal trade", and the piecewise global adoption of 3 new and mutually-incompatible codified systems of ethics

@argr i think biohacker discord servers & valley-vampire anti-aging tech funds will hit upon it simultaneously from two different angles, and the mutual enthusiasm to pursue the technology mired by the stark difference in the entire framing of its potential between the two groups, will lead to one of those Orthogonality Wars, probably resulting in a really weird and unpredictable rearrangement of culture, like how railways invented time or whatever

AFAICT it can only modify genes, not full-on replace chromosomes, let alone solve the problem of ensuring stability and continuity of cellular megastructures like the brain during the replacement of chromosomes and so on, though. The fastest path to Furry IRL is almost certainly still going to be via developments in biomechatronics

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It would be absolutely fucked if that Youtuber's lactose-intolerance-fixing plasmid tech ends up becoming the basis for Furry IRL tech a few years down the line, and people start running illegal underground furry plasmid labs right around 2028, which a while ago I flippantly said would be the year Furry IRL would happen

like, other than 3 or 4 very specific medical devices, almost all other cool, Productized, small, technological innovations in the last century have ended up being basically meaningless in the context of transforming the physical embodiment of a human, unless that human particularly wants to integrate like... a clock radio... into their body. which obviously some people do, but that hasn't really sold it as a more general idea to the others have they

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maybe i'm the only one, but rather than 'futuristic', the vibe i get from most 'cyborg' type stuff is something more like 'primitivism', in that most depictions of stuff you see being added to an organism in order to augment it, is significantly less complex and technologically impressive than the organism itself. probably this is because you have to represent the future using the motifs of technology in the present, hence cyborg = human with the contents of a DigiKey order glued to their face

"cats" are a closed species created by andrew lloyd webber. copyright 1981. please contact andrew lloyd webber production company for intellectual property negotiations if you wish to incorporate cats into an artistic work and/or become a cat

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