Digimon canonically exists as a media property in the Malcolm In The Middle universe

Unionions: Brave HA Lancers, Beware Gorgons! They've been bombarding patriotic pilots with Neurolinguistic Basilisk patterns that turn them into catgirls

@Colophonscrawl Well the whole Patriotic Socialism and all this crap today that is just rebranded Strausserism, which is hust a trojan horse for fascism to destroy yrue Class Conciousness.

I have never met a leftist I respected who thought Strasserism was anything other than fascism. It's just fascism. It's "worker"-flavored fascism and no more. Has nothing really to do with leftism at all.

I broke a bowl which is a bummer but it’s kinda cool how it broke almost perfectly in half

Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

🎵​ With you I stand in hope
That God will save us from our balls

there's probably some kind of ironic point to be made by the fact that mastodon's decentralization comes with very high redundant and unscalable resource costs

My Mind: It's going to be fun when nanobots reconstruct the burnt CIA documents where they talk about using deep-cover agents in the furry community to stop snouts and "the tanky instances" from fusing into a revolutionary movement

Me: You are overly optimistic about the capabilities of nanobots but I agree with the overall point

The disgusting temptation to rewrite Mastodon in an actually efficient language (and then I remember that webdev is a corporate toxic waste dump where only the world’s most brainwashed hustlegrinders can stay motivated)

people get really freaked out when they ask out of politeness how you're doing and you say "alright" instead of good, as a service worker. it breaks their immersion I suppose

The only actual way to be an "orthodox Marxist" is in fact to adapt your Marxism to the conditions you find yourself in, "orthodoxy" in the sense meant by liberal "marxist" academics deliberately ignores Marx's insistence on pragmatism

ruby on rails and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

My Mind: The Kin Onion is just the Political Compass again

Me: Could you expand upon that, please.

My Mind: No

TheGayPilotTheyWarnedYouAbout: I'm so gay I can't even print my mech straight !

openid had some very good ideas very early and guess what. nothing. of course google prefers to make you log in thru your google account and would like that to work everywhere

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