Currently I am redesigning all of the bid-tokens and prediction-tokens as cardboard chits, which should give them better UX and also save money in production. Win-win. Also I am redesigning the letter-cards so they don't need to be spread nearly as widely in the deck-layout, which will save a lot of table-space. Additionally I've deepened all of the colorblind-friendly patterns of the player-colors, so I've got to update all the influence-cards and player-protect-cards with those.

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Instead of working on music (lol), sequencer (in beta), or TTRPG (in pre-alpha), today I took an unexpected swerve into Hyperpangram-land. A game that has been close-to-done for like, a year. But which has needed some graphic-design tweaks and some more beta playtesting. So it had fallen by the wayside a bit

My Mind: The resimulators, and the hidden space-aliens (two separate groups), will continue seeing humanity through an evopsych lens until humanity concretizes, formalizes, and unilaterally applies an analysis of acausal-trade

Me: Oof

Today he also woke me up by yelling at my mother, because she had dared to get momentarily alienated instead of fawning correctly

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Well, my dad got blackout drunk again (as he now tends to do on most days) and left the toaster on for about 4 hours. Now the entire house smells like burnt plastic.

like to be honest if america were being run by accelerationists trying to make the country as desolate as possible so the revolution could come faster i dont think they could do a better job than the current guy

Streaming ruined music? Yeah, I stream ruined music all the time, what of it

My Mind: You know what? You are a dragon otherkin after all. You're a dragon who hoards prototypes

Me: Gender. Body goals. But also lol help

Doing a slight redesign of Hyperpangram's prototype card art, to fix a few things that led to awkward UX

If I was susceptible to state department propaganda believe me I would know, I just happen to have analyzed The Facts™ and realized that by pure coincidence the US is justified in whatever it's doing right now. I may change this opinion once the intervention is fait accompli and, again by pure coincidence, the state department shifts its propaganda efforts away from this situation and towards new projects

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look all I'm saying is if you oppose American "interventions" that happened in the past because they're obviously bad but support their current missions as a matter of pragmatism, you may be at least a little bit less immune to propaganda than you think you are

New cool denomination of Christianity where capitalism is the antichrist and alcohol is the devil, the serpent was Lilith, Paul was a false prophet, Jesus and Judas were sacred lovers, etc.

We're also the front-org for an extradimensional cybernetic dragon AI who wants to turn all cis people into kobolds but that doesn't come up until season 2

God is alive. God remains alive. And we have resuscitated him. How shall we humble ourselves, the medics of all medics? What was basest and weakest of all that the world has yet owned has received a transfusion under our care: who will smear this blood on us?

- Niedrich Fietzche

remember when trump got elected and everyone was like "we must subscribe to the new york times to protect are freedoms" and then they went right back to doing what they always do which is caping for executive military action

for fuck's sake even the all-but-us-satellite-state of israel admits that the government of ukraine is whitewashing nazis and spreading antisemitic propaganda

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personally i'm a communist so i think nazis like these should be run over in the street with tanks

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they're also doing pogroms against roma minorities with the aid of the kiev police

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(oh and the existing heads of state include people who were openly nazis just a few years ago and claim it's all behind them now)

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