made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me

I love it when my colony-ship lands on a habitable planet, and the thousands of homesteaders start building towns in the wilderness, and it serves as a transcendent display of humanity's true resilience, but then they start to encounter beasts by night with the minds of men, who call themselves the Lilim, and the forces of Man and the forces of Beast engage in grand war across the entire planet, and then it is revealed that the Lilim were the few humans who escaped the legal-economic requirement to host nanomachines that are continually transforming you into the normative ideal of yourself, and instead they were subjected to nanomachines programmed in the opposite way under the belief that it would exterminate them,

Guess I will just get out of bed and have breakfast. Sleep schedule is fucking me over

The suburbs are quietly rejoicing at the prospect of a distant future where you are legally mandated to follow the biological role you are presumably born with, on every level, but in like a cool scifi colony-ship or something, which will serve as proof that it was always necessary

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Suburb dweller voice: It is more important to have a “responsibility” to your body than a “right” to your body

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I know a lot of people who 100% agree with the angle of “if we define abortion-rights in terms of being able to exert one’s identity on one’s body, then it will create legal precedent for *any* type of body modification. And that would be a disaster. Haven’t you ever watched that South Park episode”

I slept for 2 hours and feel suspiciously refreshed. Hmm. Gonna get another 2 hours before I have to get up I guess. Completely expect it’ll make me feel worse somehow

Thing that indie synth manufacturers know and you don’t: There is an unknown large number of “synthesizer enthusiasts” who collect effectively every major synthesizer and module, arrange them like a museum display in their private homes, and then never play them or let others play them. They don’t want to make music - they want to collect.

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today (and yesterday obviously) i’m thinkin about Lenin’s qualifications for an ideal bureaucrat, as detailed in State and Revolution:

• democratically chosen from amongst their constituency (ACTUALLY democratically, not this gerrymandered redlined horseshit we have in the us);

• obligated by law and/or custom to represent the actual will and voice of their constituency; and,


so i’m thinkin about that and i’m thinkin about how the supreme court of the us is explicitly and intentionally the polar opposite. if you caint pull the fuckers out of their chairs, they ain’t workin for you.

Jelly of whoever ends up coordinating the redistribution of Trent Reznor’s and Deadmaus’ obscene gear collections

He died in office
shortly after its assets
were sold at auction

The reason we’re angrier at Democrats than Republicans right now is because for 50 years Republicans have told us that this is what they want and they succeeded, and for 50 years Democrats have told us they need money to stop this from happening, and they didn’t try. Hope this clarifies


Well, I think I actually have lost all faith in my sequencer project, my ability to write code or make music in general, and also I have total depression mush-brain from my household dynamic. I enjoy no creative activities or leisure activities anymore. Reading feels meaningless. Everything feels disgusting and worthless. All I can do most of the time is numb myself with bad videos and shallow games. I feel fundamentally totally permanently fucked up. Anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this? Edgy answers accepted

Okay, so the answer to "how do you become a technical composer" is basically the same as the answer to "how do you become a voice-actor", good to know

(24/7 availability and years of unpaid to-spec work)

You ever feel like you're 4 chapters into a 20-chapter textbook called some shit like "The Fall of The Amerikan Empire"? Hehe lol 420

The number of people who didn't like the PSL call to abolish the Supreme Court who now support that demand skyrocketed today. An archaic and completely undemocratic (even by bourgeois standards!) institution, it needs to go.

Sketching out stuff in the Helios editor and I keep fucking using too many chords (how did THIS end up being my big music-related problem)

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