Adoptable character auction with no AB, no end date, and no payment requirement

My teeth habits have gone back from "self-hatred-fueled doom spiral" to "sufficient" and I can't figure out why. Is it the fucking jeans jacket

Kind of funny how all the multi-material 3D printing processes that could ever feasibly be useful for making computer parts, circuit-boards, electrical components, jewelry, etc, are fully patented for the foreseeable future

The latency on Glimesh literally is sub-second. That's incredibly fucked. Can't wait for Twitch to buy them out in like a year

(pretend I have put a hyperlink to an easily-viewable version of the artwork in this post)

When you're queer and live with your parents LOL

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<thinking about Bruce Nauman's "Walk With Contrapposto", video, 60 minutes length, 1968>


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Still sort of want to play through RE4 a hundred times, to see what happens to the number on the save screen entry

Critical support for comrade tech startup that is using FOSS to service my media consumption habits

"which way are you transitioning" oh well I'm taking the scenic route

aw damn i forgot to turn in my kin assignment to the teacher

this one's kinda dark 

Wearing a vest with a foot-wide rainbow glow-in-the-dark embroidered patch on the back because if shit goes down I intend to be the one who gets shot first (sincere statement)

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I love the little brass spikes on the shoulders of my gay furry war vest

the us two-party system is a finely tuned machine where one party pretends to hold the other accountable and the other pretends to care

1. People would rather die and kill than not feel normal
2. People would rather die and kill than change their mind
3. People will always believe they are exempt from items (1 and 2) when they aren't
4. The people who most need to internalize these maxims will most vehemently believe they apply mostly to other types of people

Tabletop setting where all the elves are keebler/Santa type

I think it would be actually very cool if the EU called Amerika's bluff, arrested any of several current or former Amerikan presidents or vice-presidents or cabinet members for war crimes, and forced the Pentagon to break them out of the Hague using a military strike, leading most euros to despise the US more-or-less permanently

But the euro bourgeoisie are in tight with the settler bourgeoisie so it's probably not gonna happen

dream imagery, Disco Elysium spoilers 

My subconscious decided to make me have a dream where I discovered a new type of phasmid in my house that gave off perception-warping chemicals to keep itself concealed, but it was the size of a regular stick bug, not gigantic. Nothing else especially interesting happened. Thanks subconscious

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