@clowdersiege of course! i see shell art im like i Must tell theo

@monorail this is v funny to me as a person from the pacific northwest lol


realizing that even though i dont like drinking that much so i dont do it often i am very susceptible to peer pressure

chinese characters 

我是美国人。 我不说中文。

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chinese characters 

我不喜欢苹果。(this is a lie, i couldnt come up with anything else)

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that relatable feel when i just wanna post random mandarin sentences just to brag that i remember Any amount of the language

jesus christ my fingers hurt from playing the guitar

@monorail oooh!! im definitely gonna look that up thanks. yeah, every other time ive tried to do a crossword ive been completely out of my depth so i enjoy these

@monorail just wanted to tell you that ive been playing the dictionary.com crosswords just on my laptop and ive been having a great time, thanks for posting about it

@monorail ohh sounds fun! i have an apple phone so i cant get it bur i would if i could 😔

for the record “wwww” means nothing in particular to me, i just like to post it because im imagining a sound like “wuhwuhwuhwuhwuh” in my head


Your name is ERIN. As was previously mentioned you are ON A TRIP WITH YOUR DAD. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for ROMANCE MANGA. You enjoy playing bass but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for POPULAR SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES, and sometimes dabble in GRAPHIC DESIGN. You also like to KNIT, and your room is COVERED IN CLOTHES. Every so often, you like to play VIDEO GAMES.

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