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repeatedly coming to the realization that i am a househusband

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ive never watched anyone play the game facade and the line in it where the guy is like “are you guys talking about me?!” from the other room and the voice actor is like all distant from the mic is SO funny

@arbitrarydeer look i didnt know what poppers were til like sophomore year of college okay

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oh god i did not understand that poppers joke in GBF in high school

i just wrapped myself up in my fresh-from-the-dryer sheet and said “mm im worm” out loud to no one and then laughed at myself bc of how silly i sounded. im such a delight


the fact that i can take shots of like vodka with nothing but a shake of the head but i cant drink malibu without a chaser 😖

my gender is actually getting picked up by women who are taller than me

my biggest secret that isnt a secret at all is that i love my cat so much and i’d do just about anything for him. i complain about him so much bc he’s annoying and needy but also not affectionate, he wont cuddle or anything but he demands attention all the time and is so loud about it but i just love him so much

best way to describe my coffee tastes is that i have a chemex that i use half the time and the other half i drink instant

one of my biggest writing flaws is that i have no idea how to end anything

have you seen Everything Everywhere All at Once? you should go watch Everything Everywhere All at Once. i sound like an ad but i’m not the movie is just fucking good man

i remember i tried a “medium hold” old spice hair cream styling cream and it did not hold anything

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i swear my hair dries how it does and doesnt move unless i sleep on it

yesterday, i posted a couple thoughts about my gender, including that i feel the term that i most often use, “nonbinary,” fits me but not quite completely.

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truly i never realized the ubiquity of carhartt until i worked at a home improvement store

i switch a lot between topics and also how serious my blog posts are. yesterday i posted about tiktok today i posted about my trouble working through my feelings. i contain multitudes and etc.

TW: Self-Harm (discussion and description) 

today i posted a long piece about my feelings on anger and how they’ve changed. mind the tw though! i’m really proud of this one, simply because i think i found my footing on the wording. emotions and pain are hard to describe to others will understand because it’s so individual, but i think i got to something i felt was precise enough for me. link:

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thread of my blog posts because i’m proud of them! and this is maybe the only place i don’t feel embarrassed to post about each one

the second i decided to just eat w my hands bc i forgot a utensil is the second my soul became free

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