bitch don't kill my vibe stuck in my head on repeat today, gonna have to crank GKMC tomorrow in the morning before work

update: car stuff including the tow is only gonna be 650, thank goodness, and i have a ride to work tomorrow while it gets worked on, so everything is fine

lewd, orbs, a simple request


@arilin Murder by the Book is the first episode, not the pilot (Prescription: Murder), but it does bang, Jack Cassidy is consistently compelling in all of his Columbo appearances, obviously Peter Falk is always great too. Love me a columbo

@BearishMushroom a crust of the perfect consistency, the most flavorful part of the bread itself

@BearishMushroom i am the thin spread of cinnamon butter on this slice of bread we all inhabit

@BearishMushroom if you're going to call it the cold death of the universe you might as well call it the mold death of the universe

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