im gonna buy a 335 in a month or two to celebrate, i think

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So I had to pay... more than I thought today so I'm taking a slot for something like these!
$40, paypal invoice only.
DM if you're interested!

i just paid off my last student loan, kitty is 100% debt free (for now)

cats go mrrrrrr and I think that's really special

You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was beating players much more stronger then you!

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Doing a crossword puzzle where “FS IN THE CHAT” is crossed with “TRANS RIGHTS” and I feel like I’m having some kind of dream

i love john mayer because he's a modern day guitar god that just makes mom music

turning down a draw offer in an absolutely drawn position and then having the opponent blunder their queen like 3 moves later like... ah yes, this is it

i hate when people play weird trappy wayward queen kinda openings against me cus its just boring and annoying but like when people do that i can usually just trade as hard as possible into a slightly losing endgame and then win anyways because they just know how to noob stomp

maybe i need to just start writing and recording sad songs

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ummm drew this some days agooo

-cleaned my room
-got to 1450 rapid
-reinstalled, modded, and have been having a great time playing morrowind
good weekend

god, playing morrowind again with a couple visual and stability mods feels amazing

they call me anna "legitimately putting in the effort to get better and having it pay off" kittycat for a reason

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