i can't fuckin wait to get home from this wedding thing and get destroyed

i'm so damn done with today


i want so fucking badly to get home and just get fucking trashed but i have to go to a wedding shower in the afternoon so i need to sleep and just get trashed after that

i fuckin love minnesota's classical public radio station

really is a "try not to cry while i'm on the line" day

guns, my rifle building adventure 

got a big set of tools in (a punch kit, armorers wrench, lower and upper vice blocks), the recoil buffer assembly, and a brown retro m16a1 prototype repro stock from Brownell's in

which is great, but it also means now i have to try really really hard not to buy the lower receiver parts kit before my next paycheck so i can install it Right Away

the temptation is too real, but i wanna wait and get a nice set of solid feeling geissele parts, i know you can totally cheap out on these buttons and switches but i want the mechanical elements of the gun to feel as good as i can get them really

in other news. grocery shopping today. telling my dad im moving out. hopefully some ultrakill after all that and before work. tune in for more later idk

pretty implied nsfw 

definitely a great lot of deviant fun in being /that kind/ of skunk furry

futzing about in fl and learning more about how the software actually works with a goal in mind (making jungle) is a lot more rewarding than just making noise

drive-by truckers are probably my favorite band, tbh

v nsfw 

stuff your snout up my fursonas butt

definitely nothing bad will happen

kinda lost all motivation to do the stuff i wanted to do after work


apt hunting 

trying to call property manager people and get in touch with these weird property llcs is so fucking obtuse and annoying god damn

v nsfw 

skunk girl with big horse dick that you should grind yourself on, that's me

merchants national bank (designed by purcell & elmslie), corner detail 2, third & lafayette, winona, minnesota, 1988

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