popping back in after spending some time checking the vibe on a different instance and it seems as if things are on fire, who needs to get beat in the name of gs

nsfw musing 

a very big part of me just wants my main to also be a totally shameless fetish account still, which is good because i just get to be myself but also bad because it would alienate people i like probably

but also i dont know if i should worry about that too much

but the main thing is that i definitely absolutely do not think this is the place for it, but i have no idea where that would be

been off and on on my mind for a few months now


if anyone finds on that isnt terrible i wanna know actually lmao

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wheres the furry musk fetish instance

update: upon a lot of googling, no, its good, so pew pew soon

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i cant fuckin wait to take my ar to the range but i think i messed up something with the safety assembly and i gotta fix that first lmao

nsfw, musk, general stank fetish mention 

i used to have a couple friends around who both liked and would regularly indulge in my weird skunk fetish but ive kinda fallen off with all of them and i miss that, tbh, hard to find people who'll let you spray them as a sex act

guns, rifle building adventure 

get the first half of our profit sharing bonuses in on friday, so i've got everything except for an optic, sling, light, and a better rear sight

i have a rear sight but its one of the mbus ones (perfectly functional, just not Nice) and its the wrong color so

but as of sometime next week ill have everything i need to get her up and running, and then ill piece together the accessory bits noted above over the next couple months as overtime allows

ph-, rlly gross 

i have no idea how im going to actually get to work without going in my pants

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ph-, gross 

one of those "stuck on the toilet forever coupled with crippling lower back pain but i have to somehow go to work" days

i used to be like ohhh the metaaa the dramaaaaa and would just leave when this stuff happened but screw that im glad my admin is taking out the fucking trash and i hope the people trying to fuck with holly get fucked

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