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Just fyi, @anwynpendrake , and I are gonna be making a tandem account on a single-user self-hosted instance. This will give us more control over our fediverse experience and also let us play around with settings and learn more about what it means to run servers and junk.

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new sona again, anthro art, ec 

I have upgraded myself to a cyberfox, which is legally distinct from a protogen and has completely different lore (I volunteered for these upgrades to help me better access and interface the computer network of the library I work in.)

created from a base purchased here:

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new sona, anthro art, ec 

bleps in purple

oops I accidentally an asexual flag as my color scheme

We'll be moving to our new account shortly! Its been real

Plural stuff 

I really like the three headed dragon form, but we've been thinking that it makes more sense for us to to have a base form that shapeshifts depending on whose fronting.

Sleep is weird.

I crashed at 9:30. Woke up at 2 am wired as heck.

Now I kind of feel like crashing again.

Brain stahp, just let me sleep if sleep I need and awake if not.

Fraud PSA if you're on Ohio Medicaid, please boost 

Got an automated voicemail about medicaid renewal that did not ask me to go to Turns out there's been a string of fradualent calls! Be aware and keep yourself protected.


@Zest @Aarkethrix "what gender are you?"
"no, like, what's in your pants"

VRC Screenshots 

@Zest We also found one that was a skateboarding game. Janky as hell but it was pretty cool uwu

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If you're curious about the hellthread, for your own sake: don't be.

handing in my monsterfucker bingo, the only item circled is "murderous". i stare the psychiatrist down

re: CW for weird as shit mlm fetishizing and kink stuff, caps 

re: CW for weird as shit mlm fetishizing and kink stuff, caps 

@myconidiosyncrasy @ItsMorgan @FirstProgenitor @seventy @julia i'm pretty sure you can wire up a human body so that the poop chute and the baby chute don't intermix until they're both at the butt

this is how it works in chickens, after all

hellthread subtoot genital shitpost 

what is a womb, really, but a special compartment to keep your baby out of the way so u can poop

want me to do something stupid and gay to drink water?

Every time I lose a follower I panic and every time its someone I haven't spoken too in months. That being said, right now its hard to tell who I'm following cause there are way more pokemon than usual on here and that is saying something. Like look at my domain name.

CW for weird as shit mlm fetishizing and kink stuff 

@myconidiosyncrasy @FirstProgenitor @seventy @anarchiv @julia not only is this an established thing, there was a lawsuit a while back where someone tried to get someone else to stop publishing omegaverse stuff


@skelly fedi leaks is when you dump all the new hot meta memes of the next month in one post and it gets shared around

Checking fedi is the best way to be convinced not to check fedi

Single user or dual user instance featuring June and maybe Felix being:


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