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new sona, anthro art, ec


Dying US Empire, Covid, Orientalism


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Hawaii, Decolonization, Fuck Capitalism


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Imagine not appreciating how intimate and sweet Yugi and Yami’s relationship is

Popcorn? no thanks, I hate it when hardcore bands get pop covers.

kin stuff, protogen thoughts, possibly overthinking things lol


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kin stuff, protogen thoughts, possibly overthinking things lol


I love the idea of random computer bits as robot foods

"mmm ssd steak" lol

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I was playingaround with an image maker earlier and that's where alll this protogen posting came from.

From this picrew:

I've officially reached stu pickles levels of sleep deprivation and I'm gonna keep going anyway because

idk why

cursed Alex lore


Behemoth in wrestling onesie, lewd, :ms_loth:


I think about the tweet where martha stewart just says "Oil" probably way more than I should

re: rat movie


an english vtuber and japanese vtuber did a collab together where they have to try to communicate to disable a bomb, and on the first one they didnt figure out out in time and the japanese vtuber just says "im die, thank you forever" as the bomb exploded

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