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hi I'm Adrian formerly monsterpit (rip)

US-based 29yo furry otherkin system-host, bi gray-ace and polyam enby (fae/they)

I watch bad TV I play old video games and I make okay music, carrd in the bio

{Mordred might say things here sometimes (he/they pan enby)}

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please don't refer to me as "queer" in any capacity. i have a traumatic history with the word and having it used for me is triggering. thanks.

might be pushing my store towards striking lmao

If anyone is in the same boat I was, wanting to buy the Lil Nas X album without DRM and for a good price, his official site has it for $5.99

might fuck around and start telling all my friends I love them who knows

You can just imagine dragons in your head. Nobody can stop you.

if you're bored, you can design a tree in your mind. it's legal and the botanists can't stop you

I'm on acid and not responsible for what the spirits say through me 

very weird! ...anyway,

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I'm on acid and not responsible for what the spirits say through me 

or am I just looking for another excuse for failing c:

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I'm on acid and not responsible for what the spirits say through me 

I'm limiting myself but that's not the reason I'm not succeeding

in fact that whole line of thinking is posturing bullshit

success is meaningless

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I'm on acid and not responsible for what the spirits say through me 

it's fine to just, *be*, sometimes, you know


hey fedi should I do acid tonight my best friend says yes

I don't want to go to work I want to stay in bed and read

visual sex work : probably beginner level questions 

how do people figure out what poses to do during photoshoots and how do you avoid just doing the same ones every time? I'm working on getting outfits, props, etc to make each set distinct but I'm worried it's still just gonna be the same pictures in a different wig or whatever you know?

I've only done fssw before so this is a new area for me lol

in a way it's very deflating that everyone knows about the human pet guy because that means that he's not a weird glitch my brain made up to torment me

he is, unfortunately, a real person

I think my favorite thing on kitchen nightmares is when the owner-chef says "if anyone doesn't like my food they can leave and not come back" and then they're like "I don't know why my business is failing and I'm not making any money :c"

like my love those people didn't like your food and they did not come back

my old ass htc one is barely holding charge for more than 6 hours of light use and has weird freezes and crashes more and more often, so i really need to replace it.

my phone carrier doesn't do contracts, so i don't get subsidized prices or free upgrades

shopping for some mid-tier phones (~$400-$500), but even those are a lot of money to drop all at once for me

any little bit helps

may partners don't believe me that the boy's bearded dragon constantly puffs his beard & turns dark at me but he's been doing it all day today lmao

I'm a Threat apparently

mmm nanowrimo is looming and I have to struggle with wanting to do it while knowing I can't stick to it *again*

I should practice my signature for when I eventually legally change my name (my legal signature is still my legal name)

that seems a lot more real now that I'm about to start hrt

wild cherry pepsi is objectively tastier but I prefer cherry coke for sentimental reasons and because I hate myself

subtooting a screenshot of a tweet , us politics 

I too want the worst for America, Susan, I don't think it should exist

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