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technically updated pronouns c: 

edited my bio a little to reflect my current pronouns, making a post as well just bc how often do you go back and recheck ppl's bios


i use fae/faer or other neopronouns, only they/them if you have to

i haven't met a neopronoun yet that i don't like; i'm sure i will one day so this is subject to change, but as of now any neopronouns are correct ways to refer to me and fae/faer are simply the set i am most used to


uhm this excludes like. nounself pronouns that are just blatant insults, obviously? but i feel like anyone i have to say "don't do that" to isn't really the kind of person who would listen to me anyway, so.

this is also excluding sexual contexts, which are the only time i accept she/her (i also accept it/its), but none of y'all engage in those contexts with me to my knowledge so that's also technically irrelevant. (feel free to ask for my OF though i guess lol) I hot in a straight way???? is that why I think I'm gross but also hot at the same time?? bc it's straight? this is probably word salad

vaguely horny probably 

if my ass is so fat then why is this man not asking me for pictures of it can you explain that

do tvs all have horrible resolution restrictions when plugged into a computer or just the one I'm trying to use / just my shitty computer?


I could make a bagel w peanut butter and banana 😲

I have finally actually played a Kirby game and I now understand his Smash moveset so that's pretty neat I think

re: food 

this sauce is so good I want to fucking cry if I made you pasta with this sauce you would instantly fall in love with me

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I'm making pasta sauce from scratch with oven roasted romas

re: alex jones ct damages trial 

gets up on the stand, clearly already upset because his wife just finished giving her testimony sobbing crying about how [the whole thing] has affected them, and the lawyer is like "first I just want us to take a second to acknowledge that moving testimony from your wife" and he did not miss a beat through still-wet eyes with a still-wavering voice, he goes "well like for example she used the word 'embarassing' a few times to describe us dating, that was kinda hard to hear"

absolute king of gallows humor, like I am also still crying but that was comedic gold

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re: alex jones ct damages trial 

Robbie Parker has been talked about so much by Jones and his groupies but I know for a fact it's all lies because not one of them ever pointed out that man is funny as hell

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they were very nice about it but. still.

like I also don't want me to be doing what I'm doing, idk what to tell ya. I've literally taken a month long loa already this year over my mental health issues and it's been pretty financially detrimental so I don't know.

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managers pulled me aside to say I've been Noticably Crazy on the floor lately 🙃 I love the intersection of mental illness and being forced to perform labor

ouid or ?? 🙃 

I want to get absolutely fucked up and just lay there listening to books

food shitpost 

cars: ✨SALT🧭LIFE✨
me, dumping the end crumbs from a bag of stick pretzels into my mouth: what the fuck do you know about salt huh


you know what would suck is if this strain of weed is making my paranoia worse lmao

if it's house spirits I'm going to get them such a bottle of Russian Standard Platinum if they be nice and try not to freak me out too much

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my partners are gone for one night and I already have started seeing and hearing shit in the house jfc

you ever think about how there was a band called fucking RATT

and they were pretty good even

pee actually kind of is stored in the balls though

(among other places)

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