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technically updated pronouns c: 

edited my bio a little to reflect my current pronouns, making a post as well just bc how often do you go back and recheck ppl's bios


i use fae/faer or other neopronouns, only they/them if you have to

i haven't met a neopronoun yet that i don't like; i'm sure i will one day so this is subject to change, but as of now any neopronouns are correct ways to refer to me and fae/faer are simply the set i am most used to


uhm this excludes like. nounself pronouns that are just blatant insults, obviously? but i feel like anyone i have to say "don't do that" to isn't really the kind of person who would listen to me anyway, so.

this is also excluding sexual contexts, which are the only time i accept she/her (i also accept it/its), but none of y'all engage in those contexts with me to my knowledge so that's also technically irrelevant. (feel free to ask for my OF though i guess lol)

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new instance who this 

hi I'm Adrian formerly monsterpit (rip)

US-based 29yo furry otherkin system-host, bi gray-ace and polyam enby (fae/they)

I watch bad TV I play old video games and I make okay music, carrd in the bio

{Mordred might say things here sometimes (he/they pan enby)}

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(for pinning πŸ™ƒβ€‹)

please don't refer to me as "queer" in any capacity. i have a traumatic history with the word and having it used for me is triggering. thanks.

does the answer change if i didn't realize the character was a self insert until well into the writing

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does it count as kinning if you wrote the character or is that just a self insert?

I don't really care what words people use for themselves but as a nonbinary person who likes women (and men and various types of nonbinary people) I'm just fucking gay 🀷

he also seems to be the only person they get to write about my favorite loyalist marines however so i'm sure i'll find out if i'm right about him eventually!

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i have only read one nick kyme book but he seems like the kind of guy who has a whole bunch of awful ideas wrapped around like two actually funny, clever lines and i just have to make sure that i don't become that.

one of the reasons I'm very convinced that I'm not a real adult is that even everyone I follow on here has Real Proper Jobs and I serve coffee at 30

re: religion , technically , but some Heathen one 

a lot of D&D players look at the forgotten realms gods and think Pelor is an equivalent to Thor, because, well, okay, they have maybe a similar aesthetic

but Pelor is not Thor. Pelor is Tyr in Thor's clothing. Tyr is the prototypical (non-Christian) paladin god.

good luck to him; he's going to get everything he wants out of this if he can get out of his own way.

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religion , technically , but some Heathen one 

my friend, who is probably the closest thing to a real life paladin I've ever met (although he would argue with me), just told me he thinks Tyr seems friendly lmfao

yeah you would think that ya beautiful weirdo

this is a rom of og pokemon silver so it means literally nothing but


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i need weed so bad but i'm extra fucking broke recently so rip me

i kept having [trauma or psychic u decide] senses of someone else being in the house even though both my partners are at work and i was real confused until i heard some noise and went out to investigate and there is someone else in the house:

the bearded dragon is awake and rambling all over his enclosure this afternoon

grampy going for his walkies how cute

the revolution will not be served in a restaurant, but in a soup kitchen

technically the alex jones stuff but bigger than that in scope ; sandy hook & holocaust denial 

I'm gonna just say it

Sandy Hook denial is training for Holocaust denial

my brain isn't doing language very good today but the patterns match up very closely

not saying Sandy Hook and the Holocaust are comparable, just that the people who deny each are, & their methods and often reasons for doing so - and often in fact literally the same people


my calves are hurting so bad that I called out

the human boy didn't seem very happy about it but I have sick time to use so it literally doesn't affect him and I shouldn't force myself to work in pain for anyone's approval so. fuck it.

send *him* to work with every step he takes feeling like a hot iron on his muscles and see how he likes it

I get that I technically did this to myself this time (walking around an amusement park for less time than my shift would have been today) but it easily could have happened tomorrow from work today so it's not like wearing myself out is rare for my weak fucking body 🀷 let me rest, damn

on a brighter note while I did get a little sunburned on my face today despite reapplying my sunscreen diligently, since we have an aloe plant in the kitchen I was able to put aloe on it and I am moisturized and healing c:

I'm so tired I'm sorry but I'm so fucking tired 

she can't stand literally fucking anyone giving me any attention and I don't even think she consciously realizes it she does it so often I've mostly stopped trying to talk to our bf unless she's not in the house bc she will come out of her bedroom where we thought she was asleep to insert herself into us having literally any conversation no matter how small, how nonsense, and how unnecessary

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I love when I'm in the middle of a sentence talking to my friend and my gf just fucking comes out of nowhere and starts talking like our friend didn't literally come to my fucking bedroom to speak directly to me what an asshole

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