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Trizzy's pokemon OC Types 

Yeah I decided on them
Lycanroc Form: Rock/Fighting
Jolteon Form: Electric/Fairy
Shaymin Form: Ice/Flying (4x rock weakness kill me)
Sylveon Form: Fairy/Psychic
Keldeo-R Form: Water/Dark
Gold Glaceon Form: Ice/Steel

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Also, never properly said hi

So hi GS, I'm Trizzy (or Kyrie if you want to get personal about this), I'm a non-binary <insert form here> nocturnal person who enjoys killing time with vidya, music, and blaseball frequently

I'll probably be making an introductory post to my main OC Pokeforms in the replies of this toot in the future


Cory gets good
Then gets traded away for King Weatherman
Chorby gets okay but it takes two tries and she still has terrible moxie
Glover gets worse
this is peak magic, imo

oh but before i sleep, i was serious about maybe streaming

if y'all know anyone who'd i'd be able to commission, who would be able to make a vtuber model or w/e, specifically of pokemon, do tell me πŸ‘€

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Stole this from someone on birdsite but it's absolutely my mood

"Sanity-challenging" sizes. When one's size is so difficult to grasp that causes observers to lose faith in their perception. Are you SURE those stars are touching the space titan... or are they so distant and massive, that simple movements send shockwaves across the universe?

tf adj 

Getting confused between like 4 different forms is...hard >~>

music/mlp adj 

Listening to OG brony music scene to unironically increase productivity

Blaseball adj but it's just emojis 


mh/anxiety whining probably 

90% of the time I see a new viral game going off I get anxiety because it doesn't interest me and my thoughts are

"Woo another game people are going to ghost me for"



Never had this happen before

My chess partner responded to my bongcloud with his own bongcloud

We then played so perfectly against eachother that the game ended in threefold repetition

Lyrics, dark adj? 

Oh, the colours give me life
Beauty that only destruction can bring
Say goodbye to the light
That will shine through what is left of you
The colours bleeding from your broken wings


Kinda went on break and just immediately broke down in my car afterwards...just wanna lay here forever, maybe I'll find peace for once


hahaha why do I even fucking try anymore, I'm always just bound to be the fucking outsider and I can't fucking change anything about it

Shout out to the TootMasterSupreme2013 emote that I almost typed in while making a :3 face :tootmastersupreme2013:

Macro art I don't remember posting 

Hey being among all the little planets and stars is sometimes just relaxing~

(Artist: RaiFirefox on birdsite)

Commission call? 

I'm caving someone wanna design a mega lucario form based off Lycanroc Kyrie?

I have thoughts I wanna capitalize on and also money to redistribute

Macro adj 

Oh something made it to mars or something that's cool

Maybe you'll see me in a few years


all i do is make mistakes now fuck im not cut out for anything

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fuck im sorry for taking a day to myself...i guess I should have known that would cause everything to die

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