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Hello! (and hello again to some folks!)

My name is Trace, formerly Riley/StarlightPath, and it's a pleasure to be back! I am a TTRPG storyteller focusing on the adventures of humans living the lives of Pokemon.

I've also become an artist! I'm still learning, and I have a lot of room to improve, but feedback is always welcome!

I'm a soft friend that's a bit anxious, but I always love to listen to talks talk about their passions. Feel free to stop by to say hi~!

There is also the social alternative. When you get to the tavern, don't ask, "who do I see," say, "I am scanning the room for hot bitches who look like they know something about the murder of King Rangfield" or whatever

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But in TTRPG's the most powerful ability is leaning forward at your DM, just outside of what's polite not to peek at on the other side of the screen, and say "Listen bitch. I want to know the monster's weakness. Can I roll Religion for that."

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Now that I've been assigned my government issued Glaceon sona, I've never felt more connected to!


Imagine if you decided to smooch the Jolceon? ๐Ÿฅบโ€‹

"Ice and Lightning - Jolceon"

You can find Xeirla on Commiss io! What an insanely beautiful render on a really fun hybrid critter!

"Ice and Lightning - Jolceon"

You can find Xeirla on Commiss io! What an insanely beautiful render on a really fun hybrid critter!

Looking for Artist! 

Hey y'all!

We've got a Secret Santa we need to tackle before it gets too late, and one of the items is an art commission of their Pokesona. It'll likely be something very basic and sketchy, due to a limited budget, but I intend to tip heavily to compensate.

If you wanna draw my friend, lemme know and we can see what we can make happen!

Do you ever go to decorate for the holidays but instead comically fall off the step ladder and decorate yourself instead?

Yeah me neither

Hello world! Myself, the Flygon, has a name now~

My name is Petra or Petri, short for Petrichor! ๐ŸŽฎ

Plural Update (+) 

Hey y'all, Petra here. Everything feels right, and we've been happy with our decision to become a system.

Inkheart has been letting me front, part to let me stretch my wings, part because I think she likes it when I do the talking.

Which means folks should do me a favor if they feel like it and ask for Inky, help her come out of her shell. I can't have all the fun!

Still working on a design for myself. Y'all should bug me and tell me what a cool af flygon would look like~

We love you all~

-Petra ๐ŸŽฎ

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