Thinking about anticapitalism and how movies would work 

Thinking about that argument I had with a streamer about, "money needs to exist to fund the things you like", and thinking about how... like, big budget things, movies and TV would work, in an anticapitalist world, and it'd be like...

It'd be all about, removing gatekeeping.

The high-end software needed to make special effects? Would be freely available to anyone. Anyone could use it to make anything.

The MCU is a corporatized passion project; what if it was simply just a passion project?

What if any teen anywhere could start making their own franchise, with their friends, around the world?

Fuck IP law, what if people could just make their own "fan films" and release them, just like any other film? There would just be more transparency about who is making films. The main "leader" of the franchise (ie, "the real Marvel films") could even have the opportunity to look at a fan film and canonize it, or canonize parts of it; just like some TV writers have done with aspects of fanfic for years.

All the things you love would still be created, just the circumstances of how they're made, and the reason they're being made, would differ.

But if you think any art you love... a TV show, a movie... wouldn't exist if not for the profit margin, then...

Well, you're probably wrong, there are writers and artists creating it who, to them, it is their passion, but...

If that were the case, then; what are you really losing?

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