I don't think I'm going to be writing a large post about it tonight, but I am thinking that I should write a post on here to try to figure out where I'm going to be living in a few months.

I need to check with my leasing office to find out exactly when my lease ends; was it August or September? God it's almost July, that's so soon...

I live in the middle of nowhere and I have no desire to stay here.

I was hoping to move to Canada, but I'm still waiting on my Canadian citizenship verification (long story: my father is Canadian by birth, so I am legally Canadian; but I need them to verify that or else I assume I won't be able to work in Canada if I do go up there?). I'm not sure if I could even move up there, if someone were willing to take me in on low rent. (I have an ok amount of cash saved up, but I want to stretch it as far as possible).

I could also stay in the US; if I move, my current job is work-from-home so I could take it with me, or apply at a different position in the company when my position ends (it may end in December).

So I guess; is anyone out there seeking a roommate, or willing to take someone in for unclear amount of time while I get situated somewhere else?

I super don't care where I go, at this point. But I obviously don't want to live someplace that will be expensive to live in.

I think I did basically end up writing everything I wanted to write in this post, so I guess feel free to signal boost, get in touch with me, anything.

Got some things done today:

Found out my lease ends August 31. So I should probably write another post asking for help and give more details, but for now see the toot this is a reply to if you're seeking a roommate/know anyone who is/want to be friends with me and have me live near you. I'm flexible if we're somewhere cheap to live.

Called my doctor about covid vaccine and they only schedule it on days where I work so they told me to look at walgreens. walgreens only schedules it 2 days ahead and I want to go as early in the morning on my day off as possible, so I'll put it off till either next week or July 1, because then I can have July 4 as an extra recovery day because I'll be off work. So probably the latter.

What if, I just looked for the cheapest apartment to live in I could find, anywhere in the US, in the middle of nowhere.

Risks: if my work-from-home job shrivels up and I can't find anything else...

I've already seen living in the middle of nowhere the last 3 years has not been a great job market.

Maybe trying to find some place cheap that also happens to be on the outskirts of a larger city?

But where?

Please, someone out there, give me a reason to move somewhere. Become my friend so we can hang out, also.

dear internet: where in America is the best place for a poor, radical anticapitalist to live

Lol well, Minnesota is out. I've just discovered that my insurance, Root (which is really good insurance), does not cover Minnesota. @anna had tooted at me about that area, and did mention Wisconsin, which root does cover, so... still an option there.

Brainstorming other things. Feel free to call me an idiot for my priorities, I don't know or care.

I decided to look at the list of state minimum wages, in case I... do end up having to work minimum wage again. Now, this will be largely meaningless if I don't find an apartment that is similarly priced to what I have now, but assuming I do:

Colorado seems nice? They've been a blue state for a while, have an above average minimum wage. Physically it's more of a lateral move from where I am now, when I did not want to move up north more, but.

Not a dealbreaker.

An option.

One fun thing I've discovered, is that my ideal apartment doesn't seem to actually exist?

Studio apartment that allows cats and has washer/dryer hookups.

They just don't exist.

Things to look for in deciding where to move to:
Me yesterday: Blue states, minimum wage, is my insurance covered
Me today: googling locations of board game stores

Ah, wait. The list is just in alphabetical order.

Upset that I did not actually get as much done as I wanted on my search.

Or maybe just that my search did not yield the results I wanted?

I created a spreadsheet with a bunch of qualifications and ranked states/cities along them.

Then I began searching for apartments in the states, going from the top of the ranked list.

But somehow, everywhere I look, the apartments all have the same kinds of issues.

Is there no city that has halfway decent apartments?

Is there something else I should be doing...

I wish I wasn't doing this alone. I wish I wasn't alone.

Alright, feel free to boost this one.

Anyone with experience have any good tips on searching for apartments online?

It seems like every apartment site has some annoying quirk that makes it frustrating to use or to find the information I want.

Is there a single one that is just, good?

(Also, feel free to read through this thread for an idea of what I'm currently going through.)

why are studio apartments so rare?

I hate when I see a 1 bedroom apartment with a tiny living room and a tiny bedroom, where if you just took out all these unnecessary walls it would become an amazing studio apartment?

Wait a god damn minute, this isn't a studio apartment at all. This is a 1-bedroom apartment with the bedroom labelled "Closet".

@The_T if the large closet doesn't have a second egress, like a window, they can't call it a bedroom.

@confusedcharlot I have definitely lived in apartments where the bedroom had no window. ๐Ÿคท

@confusedcharlot I mean, sure, but also, I prefer that? Keeps me from having to buy blackout curtains.

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