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Due to complications from my meds that I'm hoping will clear up in the next week or 2, I'm going to take off streaming today and next week. See ya'll in 2 weeks. 💜

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in a chat, I wrote about the general gist of my Pokémon streams and why I think they're good, and maybe this will convince you to watch them? 

The general gist of my playstyle is... Streams of rpgs can be really boring. So I am going out of my way to avoid the tedium. I don't level more than I need to, so relying on super effective moves and planning a single team from the start are important.

I don't catch anything I don't need, and I don't replace Pokémon too much since it means leveling up a new guy.

I also use repels a lot to avoid the tedium of running from battles constantly

It also makes some battles really exciting because... I've won against the elite 4 sometimes on type advantage while being 10 levels under

So if that sounds exciting, they're on YouTube??

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Idea for a stream FAQ:

Q. "in posts online, you often call your viewers gamers. Does one have to be a gamer to watch your stream?"

A. no, straightmers can watch my stream as well

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All I want in life is a non-sexual romantic partner and 2 other friends who are around at all times, to play Power Stone 2 with

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Also; I've set up a Discord server for both stream-related discussion and meeting people/talking about playing games together. I aim for it to be a slightly cozier place, but I'm gonna need to make sure to set up a rules channel and things if it gets bigger. Still, if you like my streams or just wanna hang out, hop in!

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I used to say my name, Ti, is "pronounced like the letter" but I sometimes worry that's not perfectly clear, so I've come up with a possibly better one

Ti, like Do Re Mi Fa So La

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*hollow announcer voice* Hey Fedigamers, if you like my replies to the tweets of people I follow, maybe you will like my video game streams, or being my friend

Inquire at your local Follow button today

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god my favorite thing about Pokken at a live event is when Pikachu Libre does her super, she raises her fist and goes PI-KA-CHU, and you can always hear the audience shouting along in the background of the commentary's mics

lmao I love how, occasionally in VGC but a lot in Pokken, the commentators will be like "if that kills--er I mean knocks out--"

I'm watching the archive of the Pokken tournament and... something that is bizarre to me is, VGC all uses full, first and last names, while Pokken uses screen names... I guess because FGC uses screen names??

personal, dumb 

I need to find a girlfriend. I need to find someone to be a good reason for me to do big dumb life-altering events, rather than just doing those dumb life-altering events for no real reason.

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@Aleums I would like to commit more crimes, I just don't have the time and energy

I don't think I'll ever play it because I despise A Game of Thrones, but I'm seeing that "A Game of Thrones: The Board Game" is free on the epic games store, and what fool decided not to call it a "A Board Game of Thrones"

I can't get these stupid words out of my head 

Sonic Origins: Wolverine


I bought a bunch of soft/non-chewable food to eat while my tooth healed, and

one of the foods is garlic mashed potatoes and

I can tell my taste buds are a little bit off/my tongue is still a little numb but, my god this is so incredibly garlicky, like holy shit

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I am begging you to stop saying "humanity" is destroying the planet.

The destruction of the planet is a direct consequence of European colonialism and ongoing cultural, political, and economic imperialism.

White people are destroying the planet.

When you see a POC use a skin-color emoji: yes, awesome, you be you

When you see a white person use a skin-color emoji: what is wrong with you. why would you do this

I'm half-listening to the commentary on the VGC thing and one of the commentators said :amoonguss:​ and I did a double take

Oh, that's interesting.

The Pokémon competition going on right now, the official VGC and other tournaments, is less than 10 miles from me.

Not that it makes a difference, but.

The unicode emoji names are so fucking awful

To find the emoji I wanted, I tried each of the following, and the third one brought it up:


and the actual title of the emoji I wanted, which "shock" still brought up? astonished.


Took a sick at work (of course) while my tooth heals and um

Guess I'm watching the Pokémon VGC tournament today

It's a good thing @geesehoward hasn't revealed the name of the c&b chair or else half of fedi would have bought one by now

re: teeth 

I thought it was just the gauze being in my mouth, but I just removed it and GOSH my face is so numb

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Good news!

The problem tooth has been removed.

I haven't actually seen Pixar's film Up 

Who's your favorite character from Pixar's film Up?

Mine's the Updog

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