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how about instead of me updating it, you just come play board games with me.

board games are easy. we can play them online. we don't even have to voice chat, you can just log in once or twice a day to take your turn in a game, play-by-email style.

Come on. you know you wanna.

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tldr: I'm creating a Discord server to play games with friends but also just hang out! Join! 


I've had this idea for a server for a while; make it extremely granular, encourage people to not mute the whole server, but merely to mute rooms they don't care about, and still hear discussion about rooms they do.

It's also primarily a place to meet people to play online games together, and has some features that will hopefully facilitate that? So please, check it out!

It's still very much a work in progress, but please join and check it out!

no promises, but

so definitely my first stream will be a LttP randomizer; something simple, single-session, that I like doing and know I can beat pretty well (but it may take a while).

Thinking I might try to stream that tomorrow, starting somewhere between 11 AM and 1 PM ET?

Depends on how I feel, if I'm not experiencing a bad headache or something.

But hopefully if I do, some of ya'll might show up?

Follow me now if you got notifications set up. :)

idea: that one meme of Pulp Fiction John Travolta looking around confused, but overlay it with Luigi's Mansion Luigi shouting "Maaaario...? Maaaario?"

health complaining 

love to randomly have a headache that genuinely is making me feel motion sick watching a video, what the fuck is wrong with me


one thing I don't love about my new apartment is there is so much noise. the doors of my neighbors are all next to each other (two lead up stairs, two are bottom floor, so it's a set of 4 doors) and I can constantly hear those doors slam, the slamming causes my own front door to shake. I hear my immediate neighbor stomp up their stairs. At night I can see my spare room's windows light up as car lights are on at all hours of night.

I hate that I suffer anxiety from these things.

complaining about a youtube channel; food 

for some reason I was in a perverse mood and wanted to watch videos about cursed food, so I typed cursed food into youtube, and ending up find a channel basically full of it; later I ended up finding out that it wasn't like, specifically a food channel or they weren't like chefs or anything, they were 2 comedians, and... that stuck out to me because the videos were... not funny, ever? and I kept going through their videos and I ended up finding ones that are less about the food and more about the "comedy", and it was the most painfully unfunny shit I've ever seen?

I'm just genuinely confused about the whole thing. Like they had something that interested me but so much of their content turned me away that I just, do not want anything to do with it anymore.

food; not at all related to my prior toots 

Reading about the history of pizza and the first entry is: "In the 6th century BC, Persian soldiers serving under Darius the Great baked flatbreads with cheese and dates on top of their battle shields."

and to be honest, I'm slightly surprised to find out that cheese is older than god


they're... fine? it just kind of tastes like "those 2 things", like I separately taste the pickle and the fried crust. No real mixing of flavor.

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in a bizarre brain fever, I bought some frozen "fried pickles". I'm now heating them in the oven and will be trying them shortly.

Slowly deciding I am actually a Sonictchi

I managed to fit all my amiibo onto one shelf... until I found one more in the box, so I opted to move pixel Mario to a different shelf... I don't think I will ever buy another amiibo

re: gender is real 

i don't know what this means i just had the urge to type it

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gender is real 

and i'm gonna kill it


it's fucked up that probably the first humans, in trying to figure out what was or wasn't safe to eat, put a lot of things into their mouth and tasted them but didn't swallow them. Like their check for safety was "does this taste bad" and "as long as I don't swallow it I won't die" was their safety net.

I'm screaming because a Japanese poll on a website for the best Kamen Rider show, requires you to put in some information like why you chose it, and your gender, and the gender options include "その他", "Others". I'm A. blown away that they included this option and B. now aware of one way it would be rendered in Japanese.

lol this is getting RTed so much that I kind of wish I made my bed up first

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also I just realized, the print artwork things that @Alexis sent me forever ago that I never did anything with, I could probably just use this same type of hanging strips to put them on the wall.

I guess originally I thought of trying to have them "professionally framed" (for as cheap as possible) but I think the even cheaper option would be to stick them on the wall as is. :X

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I think I'm getting the hang of the stream layout, at least as far as playing a randomizer is concerned.

I added an "emote wall" that will appear over the chat and tracker, but not the gameplay.

and a follower alert that makes a Sonic checkpoint noise

I also decided to look into FrankerFaceZ and it seems better than BTTV, since you can choose exactly which emotes are "allowed" on your channel; so no global nazi frogs. The 4 emotes there are the ones I picked so far

What if I just had this on screen during the entire stream?

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