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I used to say my name, Ti, is "pronounced like the letter" but I sometimes worry that's not perfectly clear, so I've come up with a possibly better one

Ti, like Do Re Mi Fa So La

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Oh, it's been a hot minute since I uploaded a new schedule, huh? Join me for some streams, won't you?

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*hollow announcer voice* Hey Fedigamers, if you like my replies to the tweets of people I follow, maybe you will like my video game streams, or being my friend

Inquire at your local Follow button today

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Man, I am genuinely feeling lightheaded. I think I just need to get used to this change in my meds but hoo boy. Glad I had an excuse to end the stream early. No big deal.

Alright, time for stream! Me and Whim are gonna head into the depths of Antiqua, explore some ruins, and probably fight some bosses!

Have a bit of a headache, so stream is gonna start a little late.


The problem with having a job is there is no net positive.

The only function a job provides is to replace "anxiety about being unable to pay rent" with "anxiety about having to work", which is a net wash.

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"food, the thing all life needs for sustenance is more expensive, but for some reason consumers haven't stopped buying it????"

My continuing headcanon that the structures of the Mario world are a(n accidental) parody of Earth structures, as interpreted by the Mushroom Kingdom denizens: Toad's Turnpike is turnpike built by Toads that goes literally nowhere and has no off ramps

Hot Mario Lore take:

The reason Mario can indiscriminately kill enemies and it's not a war crime; that Bowser has visibly died and comes back the next game (or later in the same game)

1-Ups are canon


There's a good chance it's just due to my blood pressure meds having run out and my body not taking it well, but

I am so tired and yet not sleepy at all, so restless, so agitated

I hate it, I need to talk to my doctor to make sure this doesn't happen again


Now that I've finished watching The Americans, I... have an urge to, watch something else serialized, and I can't find anything, so...

time to turn towards the dark side...


I would love to have... a Twitch channel emote that conveys the emotion of fake laughing at a terrible joke or pun.

I have no idea how to qualify that in an image, though.

Time to return to Pokémon Diamond! Our next stop is Veilstone? And apparently Team Galactic's HQ is there... well, that's worrying.

Stream starts now!

The Americans (TV series), not really spoilers 

I've been watching this show on and off the last few months, and... while there are certain things I don't like about it that I could say are reasons not to recommend it (I really don't like media with lots of sex in it), it was...

I just finished the series finale, and it was, a punch in the gut. Oof. I feel like I made a bad choice to watch this a few hours before stream; I'm an emotional wreck right now.

I never want to be the person who gets mad that media left things open to interpretation or left unanswered questions, but... I still so wish I knew what was going to happen to some of the characters at the end there. Jeez.

I guess I would recommend this show overall. It's... a rollercoaster, it's a completely different thing by the end, and it... works.

Tired: Making "hungry" jokes about Hungary

Wired: A guy named Gary: 👀

I'm obsessed with the idea of someone owning 3 cats, and naming the 3 cats after the 3 names of 1 celebrity

Sarah, Michelle, and Geller
Andrew, Lloyd, and Webber

Heymer gamers, I've posted another episode of me and Whim's playthrough of Secret of Evermore! We enter the volcano, get blasted into another civilization, and spend 15 minutes doing just the most confusing shopping. Check it out!

snow is cool 

haha good pun

vaguely talking about transphobic incident 

someone was transphobic to me on a major discord and i feel sick about it and don't know if i'm going to be able to sleep and it doesn't look like the mods are going to do anything about it

i really don't want to leave the discord because it's for a game i enjoy playing but

like, christ

god, playing Super Mario 64 in Archipelago is so great. Mario 64 is great.

Hello gamers!! Time to return to the Mario fangame engine Super Mario Bros. X, to play "The Princess Cliche", the 2nd included campaign created by Redigit (the guy who made Terraria??). I hear it's short, so I'll probably also try to play through the Character Demo levels for Super Mario Bros. X2!

Stream starts now!

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