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how about instead of me updating it, you just come play board games with me.

board games are easy. we can play them online. we don't even have to voice chat, you can just log in once or twice a day to take your turn in a game, play-by-email style.

Come on. you know you wanna.

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tldr: I'm creating a Discord server to play games with friends but also just hang out! Join! 


I've had this idea for a server for a while; make it extremely granular, encourage people to not mute the whole server, but merely to mute rooms they don't care about, and still hear discussion about rooms they do.

It's also primarily a place to meet people to play online games together, and has some features that will hopefully facilitate that? So please, check it out!

It's still very much a work in progress, but please join and check it out!

The track list to Hottest Party 3 might be the weirdest selection of licenses.

Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf
Kiss - Detroit Rock City
Weezer - Pork and Beans
Moby - South Side
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (that one song that goes "I used to rooooll the dice" trust me you know this song)

I guess I just find rock heavy DDR games weird; even when past games have had licensed stuff like Bowie's Let's Dance, that's at least... like it has "dance" in the title

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cursed knowledge DDR has just taught me: Never Gonna Give You Up is 113 BPM. 113 is my lucky number. (it's Chansey's pokedex number.)

(it's in Hottest Party 3, which uses original versions instead of covers)

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Hottest Party is also great because it has a bunch of Licensed Songs except they're all just redone dance covers.

and not even good dance covers, which makes them so much better

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I love that, in DDR Hottest Party on the Wii, the song "The Sign" (I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes I saw the sign~) the direction they went for the artwork on it is, it to have the word "The SIgn" printed on a piece of wood. Like a literal wooden sign.

capitalism shitpost, cursed 

in the future, humans at the Amazon factories will have to run in place on giant hamster wheels while they work, to help generate the electricity to mine cryptocurrency.

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unrealistic life expectations 

all I want in life is someone who let me live in a room of their house and also they will play video games with me and we will record that and put it on the internet for people to watch, and also this person will be enthusiastic about all the dumb ideas I have for games to play

I think this is a fascination definition of a game, can anyone think of any games that contradict it? I feel like "progression" and "outcome" allow for a very wide range of narrative games, even.

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my favorite romantic pairing rope is the "closeted gay and the alien/time traveler from a world where there is no such thing as closeted gays".

excitedly rambling, I probably sound silly 

DDR is great!!! I basically spent today just going through one Japanese pack of simfiles (just, a pack of songs/charts created by... either one person or a group of people, I think a group?) and I think most of the songs were either original or from smaller Japanese indie musicians that they could very well have asked permission before adding... stuff like that is so cool! There's a ton of stuff in it I wouldn't be able to play but a ton of stuff I could, and the latter is just stuff I'm going to end up playing in the future!

So that's really cool and fun, to just, pick a pack and scroll through it finding songs. Then later I'll go through it again, picking new songs!

do ya'll have any like, ancient jokes/references that live in your brain rent-free, but that you don't ever bring up because you think no one will remember them?

The one I have constantly is a bit from The Angry Beavers, where Daggett names his boat the "S.S. Sssssss" because he only had an S stencil.

Sota Fujimori, one of the main composers for the Bemani (DDR, etc.) series, describes his favorite music style as: "Everything other than country and "ENKA"."

acab, stupid 

me: [hears the ice cream truck going by] fuck the cops are here!

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Fedi users 🤝 High schoolers
Being terrified of the word "test"​

Oh fuck I just came up with a brilliant Pokemon theory!!!!

The reason Ash is perpetually 10 years old despite time clearly passing:

Remember in Pokemon The First Movie when Ash fucking died, and then the tears of Pokemon brought him back to life???

What if that stopped him from aging, because he's no longer really alive, he died????

I have lost count of how many days in a row I have played StepMania, and that is a good feeling. And it's been at least an hour a day; I think today was closer to an hour and a half.

I would barely say I'm getting better, but I'm enjoying it.

note I just sent to myself to remind myself about a potential song I'd like to create a DDR simfile for 

just realized I'm pretty sure it's "At Dawn"; it's the Knuckles part, I think.

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note I just sent to myself to remind myself about a potential song I'd like to create a DDR simfile for 

DDR stepfile song: that one Speed Highway song "da, da da da da, da da da da da da da da da dun dun da da"

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