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Average pinned post w/ links!!


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So apparently the RIAA is trying to ban domain registration full stop because "all piracy websites have a domain" or smth lmao

Literally going full "ban the internet because you can listen to music on it"

vaguely uspol joke??


People calling me a faerie makes me really happy for some reason,

I am still heavily debating whether I want to spend the entirety of tomorrow listening to a 24 hour song in full

suicide, end of the world scenario, vague and unrefined story concept


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This is the bisexual dad representation I didn't know I needed 🦢🦢🦢

þ is a really good letter, we should restart þe use of þ.

I've immediately changed my mind after misreading "þe" as be like 3 times despite writing it myself

It's illegal for me to swear, but I will freaking do it anyways

Trying to get a hobby that doesn't suck. how to music??

I like how I usually disappear off of this site for months only to post something really lame upon remembering it exists

Average pinned post w/ links!!


Danganronpa spoilers


My Minecraft command blocks keep clearing themselves, I hate this

Trying to avoid swearing is very hard for me :c

Nerd gets kinda mad at Terraria (1.4 spoilers)


this happened like two days ago but i still feel the need to talk about this, i went through a dungeon thinking they'd be as short and quick as wynncraft's dungeons, and it took me FIVE FULL HOURS to beat it alone. I died four times and the issue is unlike wynncraft you drop EVERYTHING you own upon dying, and have to go on a rescue mission for your own stuff before they despawn in 10 minutes,,

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