Becoming your friend's pokemon species as a show of appreciation and flattery is good praxis.

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Pokemon I want to be but too shy to admit I really admire the people who are these pokemon and don't want to feel like I'm copying them:


@StarlightPath those are very good pokemon and they aren't Pikachu so I will agree with you.

@kat oh kat, I admire you! Let's go swimming in the ocean and shitpost online with flippers

@StarlightPath i'm more admirable in the way that you'd admire a really spectacular train crash

@StarlightPath in retrospect i literally don't know if this is self-deprecating or me bragging

i am a prisoner of my own aesthetic

@StarlightPath tbh though one of my fursonas is a zoroark and that's like the Lore Reason i have a bunch of pokemon ones

this is the secret

@kat Zoroark being the lore reason for being a bunch of pokemon is entirely valid~

So is all of them being subs~

@StarlightPath too much of a bottom so i became several unique bottoms

you know how it is

@kat i was gunna add primarina on this list, but I didn't know if I could land on my feet with it.

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